Roleplay Ideas **GAME**


There is a game named “Story Ideas” and I thought it was a great idea!

This is called Roleplay Ideas.


I start off by saying a title for a RP (Roleplay) and the next person gives a summary of this RP and gives another title, and so on and so forth.


Me: Forest Of Theives
episodeuser1: Forest Of Theives: A group of criminals roam the forest of Montgomery. It is up to you and your group of friends to save this reign of terror! Next; Lucinda High School
episodeuser2: Lucinda High School for teenagers who specialize in the performing arts, but only one student will receive a contract! Next; Pirate Port

And so on and so forth…

Note: Please do not use these ideas or at least credit me :blush:

I’ll start!

Pirates Of The Sea

I’d love to play!

Three pirates decide they don’t want to be pirates anymore but they made a contract to be pirates for the rest of their life. Will they find a way to get out or will they be pirates for the rest of there lives?

What’s the next idea?

I have to go to bed. Sorry!

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Mysteries of Ellowood (Since none was given by the last person)

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Neila lost her twin sister when she was 10, things have been going pretty bad for her since then. Now she is 18 and has to return to Ellowood, the place her sister died. But, was there more to her death than the police were putting on?

Her lip ring


Her lip ring
After an intense party, a Cassidy Jones lost her lip ring. Bob Ross :upside_down_face: slipped on it, hitting his head on a table and dying. You were at that party. Now, everyone’s being investigated


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Escaping from prison, a team of 10 adults struggle to hide.

(Thanks for reviving my thread btw!)

Riverside City Of Secrets


Riverside City Of Secrets
Ahh, Riverside the city with overflowing secrets 2 teens try to pop the secrets out to the real world.

Goldness (The school of magics)

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