Roleplay partner!

okay hihi, does anyone want to roleplay with me? I need someone to be a boy, you dont actually have to be a REAL boy but your character in the role is a boy. Honestly, im down with whatever you wanna do for the roleplay.

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What rp?

Any kind, whatever you/they wanna do

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Also this needs to be in the rp section. And quick question do you know we actually have planned out rps with plots that those who are ik ntereeted can join?

Oh, my bad i thought i put it in the RP section. And yh i know but i just wanted to make my own lol

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oh ok well most people do start their own rps and they are big hits like @Madilnel started Red Band Society and some others and I love it

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that’s nice ill check some out

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Can I role play

Yes, this should be in the #community:sg-rp section.

I also suggest reading this first before starting an RP or having a “roleplay parter” if you’re new to the community.


And to add on anyone who is wondering about roleplaying go check out the rp and sg how to thread and then look through some rps and join at least a few to start with. And if you like magic I reccomend Auror High because it’s fun and extremely lonely.