ROLEPLAY: The Secret of our town


(I’m sorry if I spell something wrong but I’m hungarian)

Hey! I found a roleplay somewhere and I thought I make one.
I don’t know how you guys used to play, so it will be a bit different.
First I make a list of the roles I want to be in the story, but you can make your own characters if my characters are all taken. :yellow_heart:
If you want to write something your scripts are need to look like this:
Policeman-Jack: blahblahblah
lol i hope you understand
1: Spy woman: @J.a.s.m.i.n.e (me) Name: Jasmine
2: Evildoer:
3: Victim:
4: Trader:
5: Policeman:
6: Policewoman:
7: The victim’s mom:
8: The spy womans sister: @SilverStar
9: The popular boy who secretly loved the victim:
10: The popular girl who secretly love the popular boy:
And when we have all the characters we can start playing.


Hi Jasmine and welcome to the RP/SG section! We’re glad to have you here ^-^

When starting an RP, I recommend having a synopsis of the main plot and a signup form available for people. Currently looking at what you have, I get the sense that it’s meant to be a mystery RP of sorts, but to get people interested, I recommend adding a specific plot- tell us what’s happening, where it’s happening, what our characters’ objectives would be. Generally, most RPers prefer to have a sense of the plot before signing up for something.

Also, make sure you have a signup form in place for characters so the RPers know what you want specifically from their character! I’ll quote a sample one before- you can add and remove parts of it as are necessary for the RP. You can either make signups a Google Form which tends to be more common, or you can just post this here and ask RPers to post their form on the thread or PM it to you based on your personal preference.

Also, we recommend using the New Ideas Thread to post your ideas to get a sense of how many people are interested in your idea before you start a signup thread. This both helps save RP creators time/help them be able to improve their ideas if necessary and makes sure our subforum doesn’t have signup threads in it for RPs that won’t be started.

Typically, our style of RP tends to look like this-

Sample 1

I walked down the street, looking around to see if there was anyone interesting around. The only thing on my mind right now was the murder, and I knew I needed a distraction. I saw a boy’s phone fall out of his pocket and I picked it up, jogging after him. “Hey,” I called. “Your phone!”

ORP: @tag of whoever they approached

or this-

Sample 2

She walked down the street, looking around to see if there was anyone interesting around. The only thing on her mind right now was the murder, and she knew she needed a distraction. She saw a boy’s phone fall out of his pocket and she picked it up, jogging after him. “Hey,” She called. “Your phone!”

ORP: @tag of whoever she approached

If you have any questions about how RP works or want further idea feedback or clarification on anything, feel free to consult this guide or to ask me or any other active RPer anytime ^-^

Once again, welcome to our subsection :slight_smile: !


Oh my… Thank you it helped so much!


Can I be number 8? The spy woman’s sister?




HEYYYYY! Can I be PERSON 9 please?


Could I be a witness? (I know it’s not on there so if I can’t then could I be the victims mom?


Is this going to happen?


She hasn’t been on since June 3rd


Would love to be number 9 or 10.


Is this still open… or?


Name: Nova (Possibly Number 3)
Age: 15
Bio: Nova grew up in Town along with her Mother, Father and older sister. She went to school, had friends, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. But when Nova started High School, things went south. She didn’t know what exactly was happening, but something was ticking her off. What happens when someone starts following her, who would ever do something in Their Town?
Personality: Nova is a very Social Butterfly. She loves people, but needs her space every once and a while. She’s weird (in a good way) Saracstic, Sassy, and has an amazing sense of Humor. She’s a great student, and makes friends easily.

Others: Has a Tattoo of a heart behind her right ear. Has a tiny nose piercing. Has short acrylic nails.
Likes: Reading, Sleeping, Friends, School, Choclate
Dislikes: Bulllies, & The sense of not being in the know.
Secret(s): Nova is secretly bisexual and likes her best friend (10) and her best friends crush (9). Nova is not aware that her sister has been invaded with bad people putting Nova in serouis danger.


I don’t think this is going to happen, she hasn’t been on since April


Couldn’t someone else do it though?


Well they would probably have to ask the OG creator if it was okay.


True, True.