Romance as the main plot?


Would you read a story that’s main plot line was just a romance? (with side plots obviously, but focused on a romance)

I’m asking because normally I wouldn’t, but I just realised the story I’m writing is literally just focused on the romance, not on a solid plot and it’s bothering me because I know it’s not the type of story I would chose to read… :thinking:

Rey x


If your not comfortable, maybe add a little drama to it, spice it up, because ya know, all reader’s love drama :sunglasses: . But it’s your choice. :grin:


Thanks - that’s a good idea… I’ll definitely think about it. :slight_smile:

Rey x


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Oh okay. Thanks :slight_smile:

Rey x


I’m not picky on book genre, if it’s a good book I’ll read it, unfortunately romance novels tend to be very much the same, but if I find one that differs, and avoids the awful clichés we see so often, I will most certainly read it!


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