Romance/Drama or Mystery?

Okay sooo, I’ve got a basic idea for a story that I would like to write, (like, a really basic idea, I haven’t planned anything out yet). But then I thought that maybe I could transform this idea to make it a mystery story (it was supposed to just be romance/drama, even though I don’t know what’s going to happen exactly in the story so I’m scared if I let it romance/drama it turns out cliché or I get a pretty bad writer’s block, y’know). Soooo should I make it mystery?? I would still keep the romance/drama part (at least the most important things), but I feel like writing in mystery would actually give me something to write about, idk, I need your help! Please vote and tell me why you voted this option!

  • Keep it romance/drama!
  • Make it mystery!

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Thank youu :kissing_heart:

You could do both if you really can’t decide.
A Mysterious Romance with Drama is always amazing!

Good idea! Thank youu :smile:

Oh. Sure thing! :slightly_smiling_face: