Romance/drama stories

does anyone know any good stories with one love interest pleaseeeee❣️

I have a story on episode that falls in that category! It’s Unwanted Memories!

thank you

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No problem! Here’s the link

Hey, I always feel bad jumping in and recommending my own story… but not bad enough to not do it.

It only has one love interest, his name’s Carter and he’s a total cinnamon roll while also managing to pull off a leather jacket: Reformed


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i’ve just read the first few chapters and i’m obsessed xxxx

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Ahhh I’m so glad you like it!! Feel free to message me about it on IG @cordeliam.episode (or on here!) I love hearing people’s thoughts/ideas about it and seeing screenshots Xx

The Stripper, it’s complete with two seasons. It also only has one love interest called James. It’s not my story btw… the author’s name has slipped my mind at the moment.