Romance/Drama Story Ideas



Do you have any ideas for romance/drama stories? I’ll give credit.


What if a guy is the mc and he gets into a wreck and is in a coma… and his long term girlfriend doesn’t know… and he comes out the coma and has amnesia… By that time his girlfriend/fiancée knows and had been at the hospital everyday by his side… she finds out when the police come to the door after the accident


And he can’t remember her or even himself… and he can’t believe that he isn’t engaged or dating this beautiful girl


isnt that already a story?


I just thought of the idea… idk if it’s already been written…


Most stories have girl mc


Okay how about this… a girl wakes up from a coma to find out that she’s 7 months pregnant but because of all the stress she deals with, with going back to school, walking, and finding out that the babys father is a drug attic that she had sex with before she went into a coma and he’s HIV POSTIVE she almost looses the baby but because of her doctors Intern he keeps her calms and takes care of her and she ends up falling for him even though he has a girlfriend but when he finds out his girlfriend tried to kill her he ends up noticing that it was a spark and he kept ignoring because he was faithful but he ends up falling for her and …

Sorry I’m rambling :woman_facepalming:t5:


Okay so here is mine. Really random if you ask me.

There is this girl who has cancer but she lives like normal people well not so normal life since she always lives in the moment and does not care about her future but the unexpected happens. She gets cured but her habit of living in the moment never goes. Follow a crazy girl on her crazy adventure and you will find a lots of drama there.


A girl falls in love with a man who she only knows through letters she found. You could then have her like go look for him and tell stories in the letters