Romance in stories

Do you guys prefer when the MC has a LI (or more then one) in any genre, or are you fine without one?


I prefer one over 2, but I LOVE when stories have no LI, it focuses on something else then Love.

I really don’t mind having one LI if it’s essential to the plot. But, more than one is perfectly fine with me

I’m fine whether or not there’s an LI in the story, as long as the story is engaging! I don’t mind if there is 1 or 2 LIs, as long as the LI has their own personalities. Though, having an LI in your story could help spice it up for some romance lovers. If your story isn’t mainly romance, be moderate with the romance relationship with the LI. Sometimes, authors tend to focus a little too much on romance scenes and goes off track from their original plot. :thinking:

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