Romance or No Romance

Lol, as much as I am seeing A LOT of romance in stories, lets have some stories with NO ROMANCE at all. So, I AM thinking of having NO ROMANCE at all in my story because it is basically action and adventure. What do u guys think? Let’s see how this goes.

  • Yes, please! We need NO ROMANCE in stories.

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Oh I just remembered something, there will be LGBT in my story, there will be romance on, but not with MC…

i think that is up to you. i myself makes storiers with romance but it is not the mane focus



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ooooo I see some No’s. lol

I think the options we have as of now on the poll are limited. You can make whether your story has romance or not completely up to the reader with branching & gains.


Agreed! It’d be great to see stories branch out beyond romance. This thread is full of prompts for non-romance stories:


I like a happy medium.

Romance options are nice if I feel the chemistry between characters and want to pursue those avenues, but they don’t need to be the focus all the time. That said, there’s nothing wrong with Romance as a genre, or even a romantic plot-line in genres other than Romance. I think it’s when a Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, etc. story turns out to be primarily about the romantic relationship that the love plot starts to feel it’s in the way of what I was hoping to get from the story.


Honestly I know your story is action, but there is more to romance than what it seems, me personally, if there was no romance I would click off


Alright, lets see. Those who WANT romance, and for the MC to have a love interest, click yeah or no.

  • Yes
  • NO

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I’d love a story with no romance :wink::smile:

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I love romance, but it doesn’t mean I won’t read a story that has no romance.

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I mean it’s nice, but I don’t need a story to have romance. I don’t go looking for it unless I’m looking for a romance story, but if it’s there I’m cool with it.

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Now, back to writing on my “no romance” story. Lol. This is gonna be good n can’t wait to publish.