Romance scene ideas?

Hey! Can you guys please suggest some cute/funny romance scene ideas.
(Possibly with a person who the MC can stand being in a room with. Other ideas are much welcome too.)


Here’s some ideas that I find is both cute and funny for a romance scene:

  • A character faints after getting kissed on the cheek by the person they are in love with.
  • A character stumbles on their words and blushes when their crush talks to them.

Did you mean stuff like this?

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Yeah something like that but maybe with a person MC can’t stand. But anyways thanks.

Oh, OK. If it’s a person the MC can’t stand, maybe you could have him/her splash water on them?

Yeah nice, thank you.

I reckon they have a love/hate relationship? Try having the LI throw in some innuendo that insinuates at potential romantic feelings/lust, have the MC react to it, and then the LI is like, “wtf you interpreted that so wrong.” Have them blush bc they know they meant it in the way the MC took it, but they’re trying to play it off as nothing special lmao


Maybe you can also try having the LI say something strange, and the MC playfully makes fun of them about it.


Really great ideas, thank you.

Can you give an example of an
innuendo, if you don’t mind.

Do they have a history of flirting before? What is the context of the scene you’re trying to work on ?

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No not flirting but teasing in a way.
It’s fine you can give any random innuendo I just want to have an idea.

Teasing like making fun of each other, or like trying to hint at hooking up/dating teasing? lmao xD

Making fun XD

Okay lmao xD So where are they? School, work? I can come up with better scenarios with more info haha!

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picnic at the beach aaahhh I’m melting already

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I’ve always wanted to go out late at night and stargaze with the person I love.

If I’ve read it correctly I’m guessing they hate each other but become lovers?

What about something like this

The MC is out for a drive and so is the LL they crash into each other but are not hurt… they are stranded in the middle of nowhere while waiting for someone to come help them. They both unwillingly start to talk and end up watching the stars, maybe the LL could start telling the MC a story that their mother told them about the stars.

By unwilling I don’t mean they are forced I just mean there is nothing better to do.

However if they are younger such as teenagers who don’t drive maybe they are on a school trip and miss the bus back home so have to wait for someone to collect them.


I love this so much!


Thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s great, thank you.