Romance stories on Episode

What all things you look for in a romance episode story ?

Your opinions will help me enhance my story !
Thank you :blob_hearts:


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I look for an actual plot. That’s the problem with so many “Romance” stories. They use the romance part to drive the entire story… and it fails. There’s literally no storyline to their “stories”… and it feels as if the whole point of the story is for the MC and LI to meet. But there’s nothing else happening, nothing interesting… nothing that makes you want to return to the story.

So many of them go like this: MC is at work, LI is hired… they interact, they go to the club together along with other work mates, they go home. Then the next episode it’s the same thing, but with the MC and LI getting a little closer.

^ That’s just dreadfully boring and pointless. Because… where is the story even heading?! Nowhere, because there’s no plot. Every story needs a plot, otherwise it just doesn’t work!


I agree with you !
Half of the stories on Episode have the same series of incidents occuring .
Thanks I’ll make sure mine doesn’t makes you feel this way .
I’ll try to focus more on the plot .


I agree with @StoriesByRayna, for me the storyline and plot are very important in stories (not only romance). But I also would like to see more interaction with LI and MC. I don’t like romance stories where in MC and LI meet in episode 1 and fall in love in episode 2. There needs to be a slow burn relationship between the main characters. Try to make them fall in love in episode 15.


True like you can like someone in first meet but that’s not love . It happens gradually over the time . I always feel people try to rush with their stories. Well in episode 15 we get to see marriages instead :joy:.

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I love when other characters are given intriguing character development and depth as well. You know, outside of just being the outgoing, bubbly best friend or the jealous ex. It just makes a story have so much more substance and spice.


Yes it is necessary for the plot as well . It makes the story more realistic and relatable !
Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:

I think Iridescent is one of the best romance stories on the app. If you ask me what exactly makes it good I couldn’t give you a straight answer but if you read it, I’m sure you’d understand! You don’t have the MC and LI hooking up every 2 episodes but their chemistry is so real. There are small, wholesome moments throughout the story which have a massive effect on us readers and I just can’t believe how perfectly @Indigosstories has written this! So, for me, Iridescent has everything and more than what I look for in a romance story.

Hello I was wondering if y’all would like to read my story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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