Romance Stories: One Love Interest or two...?

Hey it‘s me again :two_hearts::blush:
One or more love interests? What‘s your opinion on that? I want to write a story but I don‘t know if my story should have two love interests…
Let me know what you think!

i usually prefer two LIs. when we have one it’s hard for me to choose gender because i’m a libra moon n i’m pansexual💀 so i like when i have male n female LI

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Thank you for your honest opinion! :blush:

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I honestly prefer either, but if theres two LI’s id like it to be one female and one male. Idk why but i hate it when stories have more then one LI thats the same gender

I prefer one coz I feel it makes the story feel much more focused. And coz most of the romance stories have two LIs and it’s exhausting. Just a personal preference.

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With one love interest you can build on the characters complexity, while with two it’s kinda just two blank slates. That’s just my preference.

Both are fine, but require a different approach. If you have only one, give us an option to not pursue them. If you have two, then give us an option to pursue either or neither.