Romance Stories (Rant)


I’m so tired of looking at the trending page or the romance section and seeing the same old generic thing. For example: “Vampires” “Moving in with…” “Bad Boy” “Pregnant by…” “Gangster” “My Teacher”(-eww) Like c’mon! Can people honestly be original? Episode doesn’t make this problem any better. They constantly make only romance stories with the same plot and ending. I believe they released a story a few months back called, “Living With My Crush” and “Love & War”. I don’t know why episode promotes this kind of crap because now were getting recycled garbage. I miss horror stories, dramas, adventures and mysteries! Now all we get is some boring romance that’s recycled has the same plots and endings :roll_eyes:


To be fair, episode themselves did not write living with my crush, or love & war. Sandra G. did. I as well do want to see more mystery stories.


I agree there are way too many stories on these topics. That is why I made my post about what type of stories you would rather see on the App instead of this stuff.


True. But Episode promotes those kind of stories and adds them on to Episode official, making them kind of the face of romance stories.


Agree 100% tho. Romances are now wayyyyyy toooo mainstream, not just only on Episode. Many people choose romance bc it is the EASIEST thing to write on earth. And when something was used time over time, it becomes crap tho.

I truly want something unique, sometimes familiar, even if it’s romance. My eyes are tired to see Vampire or Bad Boy or Gangster. Now, if I see a story contains “Bad Boy” or “Gangster”, I’d skip it no matter is that story the good one or a total crap.


I like romances but I want some variation from the overdone bad boy, gang, pregnancy stories. Maybe some historical romances, fantasy romances or romances where the MC doesn’t fall head over heals with the guy in the first chapter or two.


Here’s the plot of the majority of romance stories:
You are the new girl/ it’s the first day of school, and you meet the bad boy.
MC acts all sassy around the bad boy.
Bad boy (think)
(For some reason I have some kind of connection with her, she’s different from my other girls.)Bad boy either lives with the mc, or lives next door to him.

Bad boy stalks the mc, and tells her that she can’t be with him because his gang. And he also tried to be all harsh and says he doesn’t love her anymore. The bad boy also dates the mean girl for some period of time.
Bad boy and mc get back together in some way and it’s all dramatic.
Mean girl tries to kill the mc and is all psycho.
Mean girl kisses bad boy, and mc sees but doesn’t believe that it was her who kissed him.
Then there’s random stuff that happens after that so the story will be semi-long.


I throw up a little each time I read a romance story :face_vomiting:


To be honest, I really read the beginning’s of the bad boy stories. I never know what else happens besides the typical plots. What happens at the end of them?


They get married, move in together, and have kids. (Not particularly in that order)


I wish there was more stories from a MALE perspective. I’m bored of the whole female who’s pretty yet nerdy and misunderstood.

I also love stories from older era’s or futuristic ones. The whole high school petty romance stories don’t call out to me. I think people who write the bad boy, highschool, or gang leader stories aren’t using their full potential.

I don’t want to take a leap and call them uncreative because it takes a creative and determined person to use the episode portal and upload episode after episode.

I just wish others would take risks and write stories for their own benefit rather than creating a story purely based off what’s perceived as successful in the episode community.

Because let’s be honest.

Those cliche stories get tons of reads.


They sometimes give the reader the male’s perspective sometimes, but it’s just them complaining about how they can’t be with the MC for some reason. Sometimes it’s about them being in some gang or whatever but it’s just so boring.



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