Romance stories you love from other authors

Hello guys,
I want to read a great Romance story. Please recommend some please. Make me a list :partying_face:

This is not a thread to promote your story! Stay on topic!

adding more to my list)


Thank you Lana!!! :heart::heart::heart:

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5500 Miles by @akasha
All The Way by @Maayan
Sinful & Barely Mine by @trisha_writes
14 Months by @maite.stories
Iridescent by @indigoatories
Dare To Dream by @sarahrobbins.writes
Asunder by @alys.writes

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Sherlock in Love is technically under mystery, but the romantic relationship is so integral to the story, I feel like you might be interested regardless?

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Thank you so so much :star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart::raised_hands:t2:

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*It’s just an illusion by Miss Mj

*The clumsy supergirl
*My skater lover
*Omg I kissed a super star by lady Dianne
*Deep Attaction-2 pride and fate by lady Dianne
*The dragon bride by earlgreytea
*Body tangled
*always by earlgreytea
These stories are really awesome… Happy reading @nicollil

Just asking btw why don’t you want self promotion… Maybe some of the stories may attract your attention, I’m just curious… Didn’t want to… Oppose you in any kind. :slightly_smiling_face: