Romance Stories


Are there any user stories that are romance that are not about choosing between 3 guys or a bad boy.


I agree we need to play guys and pick the girls sometimes


Totally agree with you. Enjoy your day


I’m writing a story that’s partial from the guys perspective. Also, no Badboys, have seen enough of that. It’s AFTER University, the leading guy has a job.


Is it published @Nelles


You can check out River by Alexandria if you want ^^
The guy’s very sweet and no having to choose between three love interests!


Not yet, I have 6 episodes but am still working on the little mistakes. Very much into detail so I want to add some background figures. And I want to add it does have drama in it. Not all sweet romance and unicorns :woman_shrugging:


Thank you @Nelles and @JemU776


Check out the swap by Hannah K.M. It’s a really funny story, no love triangles.