Romance Story Help

I want to create a new romance story. In the past, I’ve created a story about a student-teacher relationship and yes I know it was wrong but people seemed to like it. Then I created a story about a girl in high school liking a bad boy who was a new student. Now I want to make a romance story that doesn’t involve high school students… Do you have any ideas?

Perhaps one between a therapist and a patient? The patient may be difficult to get to open up, and his therapist must push him. Just an idea. :blush:


Maybe something about a girl and a boy who live next to each other, dislike each other at first but then one of them experiences an accident (with themselves or with family) and they are forced to be together (live together, help each other out??) and they start to like each other.
In between there can also be jealous people who want to tear them apart and maybe they can go through some drama before they fully “accept” to be a couple.

Idk, maybe it is a little bit weird… :sweat_smile:


I need more details about this story, if you have more details about it private message me :slight_smile:

I love this idea and would love to hear more about it!

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