Romance Story Idea Suggestions

Hello! My name is Brie and I have not been writing for a while because I need a good plot or story idea. Can anyone help?

I would like to see

  • non-cliche
  • boy x girl (no I’m not a homophobe)
  • not school story

Your main character is a witch who’s trying to run away from her abusive mother who is a non-witch. Your MC finds this person who has this sudden interest in her but has no idea why. But they soon both fall in love but…the person your MC falls in love with actually works for an society hunting down the last of the witches into extinction.

I was actually going to make a story with this story line, but I figured that I couldn’t possibly give the story a good writing. A name I would suggest for it is Witch Hunt, and I would love to read it when you’re done if you decide you would want to do it.

Thats a good idea

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Why thank you very much! :smile:

No problemo! I only say what I mean :+1:

You should go on pinterest! Pinterest always inspires me to write

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