Romance Story Ideas?

So, I want to make a new story, and I don’t have any ideas at all. So does anyone have any original (and non-cliche lol) romance story ideas?

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What about, there’s a boy who has a lot of medical problems and, a girl just got admitted into the room next door. And then they start to talk and open up about themselves. Then they start falling in love and don’t even realize?


Fantasy, real-word/modern, sci-fi, or…?

modern/real world mostly

Love some special

I’d like to see more un-glamorous settings that are true to life. Like the MC and the LI working retail or something. Maybe the MC works at their family’s bookstore/bowling alley/arcade/whathaveyou that’s near going out of business, and she wants to help draw more customers to save her parents from losing their business. The LI can be a lazy employee that’s an obstacle, then later an ally.


I really like that idea, i might do it :slight_smile:

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