Romance story suggestions

Hello! I’m looking for stories in limelight with customizable mc’s and love interest. I like romantic stories or anything pertaining to that. I’ve read rockstar next door, my alien lover, wicked sins, and things similar to those . If anyone has any good suggestions i really need new stories!! Thank you :heart:

Her Books, His Billions by J.J

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Can you please check my new story? It’s romance?

here are a few that I love (romance stories):

  • The Fool Card by M.Jordan (full customization)
  • Toothbrush by Lucky (full customization)
  • The Dream and the Dreamer by Nour D. (no customization)
  • Dare to Dream by Sarah Robbins (limited customization)
  • Stolen Moments by Indigo (no customization)
  • BITTERSWEET WOUNDS by CERI. (no customization)
  • After We Met by Tay (no customization)
  • US AT MIDNIGHT by CERI. (no customization)
  • Iridescent by Indigo (no customization)

I’m just going to note that although a lot of my suggestions don’t offer customization, they are absolutely amazing stories in every other aspect. For me at least, I don’t care about the customization part as much because it’s drowned out by the beautiful scripts and precise directing skills. I highly recommend all these stories equally as much :))

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Im currently reading this and it’s so good! Can’t wait for more episodes!

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