Romantic Art Scenes Needed

Hello all!

I am currently trying my hand at writing a story using the spotlight feature, so obviously it’s pretty difficult (& maybe impossible lol) to show any intimacy between characters. So I’d like to hire someone who would be able to make me a few digital art romance scenes between LL characters— an embrace, a kiss, things like this. ((Think of the art scenes in Miss MJ’s stories for example.))

Whether you prefer compensation or just want to be credited, if this seems like something you would be interested in doing please PM me!!!

Note: like I said I will require MULTIPLE art scenes. Say between 2-4.


Hey there I have sent you a message .
If you are interested in comissions then here is the link to my art shop :blush:

You can request at my art shop
Feel free to request as many times as you want
My art shop