Romantic Interest Customization


Hi all!

I’m new to the Episode Community, and I’m writing my first story! (Yay!) I’m currently having hard time deciding whether or not to allow the reader to customize the romantic interests or not. So I would like some opinions on what the general preference is. :blush:

There are multiple love interests, and none of them are “primary”/“secondary”/etc. love interests. So I have a few options I was thinking of:

  1. Create love interests as I imagine them and allow the reader to get to know the characters that way.

  2. Give the reader limited customization over things like hair color, skin color, etc. (Will affect family members as well)

  3. Allow the reader to change small things like hair style and eyebrows.

  4. Let the reader fully customize love interests and family members to their liking.

I’d really like feedback on which is more preferred and how the options could impact the reader!
Any other suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!
Thanks! :smile:


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Either 1 or 3.


I personally do 4 when there is a love interest. I would say as a reader I personally prefer either 2 or 4.


I would go with either 1 or 3 (preferably 1, because it gives the story more depth).


I normally do 4 because i want the reader more engaged to the story


I prefer a whole customization of the love interest. Honestly I quited a lot of stories when I saw limited customization… :confused: So I like either no customization or fully customization :slight_smile:


I really for care if the story is good the. That’s what I focus on more than appearance. Never let a story be dictated by looks. So I say make them how you want its your story.


I generally enjoy the story a lot more and feel more connected to characters when I customize them. On the other hand, if customization isn’t available, when the story has depth, I feel connected to the characters regardless.

Also, important thing to note - if you are going with the customization route, try to include it during the episode rather than in the beginning, meaning that you should include customization when you first introduce a new character, not the intro. At least thats what I prefer. Letting all the customization happen at the absolute beginning kind of gives important elements of the story away.


Number 4 :grin:


Either 1 or 4, but I only like 4 if I’m playing as myself and I get to name my love interest as well. Other than that, I prefer the love interest that the author created.


I think it’s better if you don’t let the readers costumize the characters, because that way you can have a more detailed story, for example: As I looked in his beautifull ocean blue eyes, I knew he was the one … Also you won’t be able to post any sneak pics, because every main character is different for each player. In addition, I like the fact that people don’t play as themselves, but as the main character. So just make them however you like, if your story is great noone will care about the fact, that they
can’t costumize.


I would go for 2 or 4


If the MC is completely customisable then I like to be able to customise the love interests. I personally don’t care if skin, hair and eye colours are locked, but I do like to be able to change the other features. If the MC is NOT customisable, then I’d go with option 1.


don’t do it. I prefer it when the romantic interest isn’t customized because it adds individuality to the character. If i design my love interest it feels kind of fake because i created his looks and the love interest feels fake.


I personally think it’s easier to write a story and make it your own if the love interest isn’t customized. For example, you can make one guy better looking but maybe be kind of cocky or rude, and you can make another guy who’s maybe not as attractive but is really sweet and has a great personality. Tbh, I think a lot of times the way a guy looks plays a big part in which guy the reader ends up choosing, and the way they look is often a big part of who they are. Idk, I personally don’t like playing stories where I have to customize like 3 different guys because I’d rather just get to know them as the author wanted them to be. Also I HATE family member customization, I’d much prefer just having the skin/hair/whatever colors automatically changed according to the MC but that’s it.


Personally, I like 1, 2, and 4

Number 1 makes the story more realistic. When you meet somebody, you don’t plan their personality or features. You simple fall for them. But, number 1 does mean that you have to give the character a real personality. One that people can notice well.

Number 2 is interesting. It’s cool because you can still create a dream guy/girl, and later, we get to met their parents.

Number four is pretty cool. However, instead of customizing family members too, why not friends instead? You can mix number 2 and 4 together by customizing the love-interest. The way the love-interest looks can affect the family. Then, I assume you may be doing that for the MC, so you can also customize her best friend - the one that’s important for the plot. You can do that like the Demi Lovato story.


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