Romantic Music List

Hey all! I know for some of us adding music to our stories is an important thing for us. I’ve started to score my chapters and I’m constantly just scrolling all the way through finding the right music clip for the right moment. I wanted to share my notes with you all just in case someone else needs a shortcut list to go through!

I was trying to find music for the first time my MC talks to her childhood crush, so I was looking for any romantic music. Here’s the list I compiled of more romantic-sounding music clips. Of course there is dozens of more sounds and this is opinionated, so there may be some clips other people love for a romantic scene that I didn’t like. Enjoy!

  1. music_808full_lp
  2. music_alternativegroove
  3. music_bbb_love
  4. music_breezy_lp
  5. music_butterfliesbuild
  6. music_dazegroove
  7. music_dreamwalk
  8. music_dreamyslowjam
  9. music_introspectiveacoustic
  10. music_peacefulacoustic
  11. music_pianoprogression
  12. music_pianotheme
  13. music_slowjam
  14. music_stringpop
  15. music_stringwaltz
  16. music_tickingbeat_lp
  17. music_waltz
  18. music_whimsicalpiano

Thank you! Personally, I very rarely turn on sound for Episode (most of the time I find myself opening the app when I’m in public places) so when I started doing it recently, background music was pretty enjoyable (though I don’t like sound effects so much). Thank you for compiling a list anyways! It’s going to help me so much with my story.

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No problem! I know that looking through all the sounds to find the perfect one is time consuming. Anything I can do to cut that time down. :slight_smile:


thanks so much I needed this

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No problem!

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OMG! thank you :sob::sob::heart::heart:

Thx so much i’m new to this so i did’nt know how it worked

suonerieitaliane Will be a great ringtone and music suggestion for you

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