Romantic story ideas NEEDED! <3

Hey everyone <3!
I’m new here on Episode and I started two stories but I felt like they we’re too bad to actually finish, or to even make a episode 4. Does anyone has good ideas for a original Romantic Episode story? I’m looking for something that isn’t written already. And maybe we can write stories togheter? I’d love that.
Lots of love, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi there, I’m slightly interested! But I’m worried I may not be active a lot due to school and my family life. :sweat_smile: and if we were to collaborate, could you please tell how this would work? (I don’t have insta either :sweat_smile:)

Hey hey! I know exactly what you mean! I’m sooo bizzy with school and stuff but I just make Episode stories in my spare time. And I’m not really quick at making them, I just take my time for it, because I have so much homework to do. So don’t feel bad about being not active enough. Do you have any other social media apps? <3

No sadly :sweat_smile: (I don’t have a social life :joy: but I have hangouts if that counts :thinking:)

Yeah sure, ofcourse! :blush: