Roni's Cover & Splash Thread {CLOSED} ✨


Ronie, you are litterally amazin!!!


Ty :sweat_smile::two_hearts:


Would anyone be interested in a cover tutorial? It may save me some time in the future :sweat_smile::star2:


Ooh yes please!


YES PLEASE!! I would love to see how you make your covers so I can give it a go :grin:


May I ask whatever you use for like the filters in your edits? :smiley:


I use a combination of Photoshop filters and filters from Afterlight :sparkles:


Is it photoshop like in computer? Or photoshop express? Sorry for asking questions


Photoshop CS6 on my laptop :blush:


Cm you give a tutorial on edits and yes a tutorial on covers plz


I’ll be doing a full cover tutorial soon! In the meantime you can PM me if you need to know anything specific :blush:


Pretty, pretty, please!


Hello I just Finished my 3 Chapter’s all I’m waiting for is your Cover so Please take your Time :hugs:


Ok, I will be finished soon :blush:


Hi! are you still doing it? xoxo


I’m closed at the moment – i will notify you if and when i reopen :sparkles:


Thank you! btw i love all your work! :heart:


No problem & thank you so much! :blush:


Hi, Roni - wondering what the cursive font on this overlay is? :heart:


Fortunates December from :heartpulse: