Roni's Cover Thread {Temporarily Closed}


Hey everyone, i’m Roni. If anybody is looking for covers or intro/outro pages you can request them here (ink only) Please keep in mind that i do in fact have a life outside of episode, so please be patient if requesting something from me :star:. Without further ado here are the rules:


  1. Please don’t request something from me if you’re not going to use it.
  • This just completely wastes my time and destroys my motivation.
  1. Be Patient!
  • Do not rush me it’ll only make the process slower.
  1. Be clear and make sure your request is detailed.
  • In order for me to complete your request i need ALL the information.

Please fill out this form when replying:

Please answer all the questions or your request won’t be completed. Thankyou.

Cover Form

1.What covers would you like? (Large,Small,Both?)
2.What is the title of your story?
3.What is the author name?
4.What background would you like?
5.How Many Characters?
6.What outfits would you like? (Be specific.)
7.Any Specific Details?
8.Cover Vibe/Aesthetic? (Dark,bright etc)
9.Description Of Your Story?
10.Character Details?
11.Any quotes and/or taglines?

Please fill out this form when replying:

Please answer all the questions or your request won’t be completed. Thankyou.

Intro\Outro Form

1.What Intro/Outro would you like? (End of Chapter, Follow on Instagram etc.)
2.What Background would you like?
3.How many characters?
4.Cover Vibe/Aesthetic? (Dark,bright etc)
5.What outfit would you like? (Be specific.)
6.What poses would you like? (Animations.)
7.What is the author name?
8.Character details?

Example Of Small Cover:

Example Of Large Cover:

Example Of Intro/Outro Page:

These are old examples of my work, i have improved since making them.
Thankyou! -Roni x
Insta: @roniepisode


The covers are so good! :heart:


I don’t need a cover right now I just wanted to say that the examples are so good! :smile:


Wow these are amazing!! Can I have an Outro page with one character (the mc) with no words (no title ect.) just the edited picture? My story is called classy and i has a scandalous vibe here are my mc’s details:
Face shape: Oval
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Toffee)
Hair: Rebel half shaved (Black)
Mouth: Full Round (Ruby Red or Crimson)
Skin: Rosewood
Eyebrows: Seductive Arech
Thanks x


Thankyou! I’d be happy to make you an outro page. However can you please make sure to answer ALL the questions please.


Thankyou so much!


No problem. :heart_eyes:




Thank you so much and your art is amazing btw, here are the details if your able to do it:
1.Title? SHANKED! (don’t include, I just want an outro please)
2.Any Specific Font? I don’t mind.
3.Story Genre? Action.
5.How Many Characters? 3
6.Character Details?
Long curly hair (black)
Soft heart (face)
Mature round (eyebrows)
Upturned feline (green-eyes)
Soft natural (nose)
Full round (raven-mouth)
Honey (skin)
Boy (left):
High top fade (black)
Chiseled square (Face)
Medium sharp (eyebrows)
classic round (blue-eyes)
button (nose)
smirk (dark-mouth)
Dark (skin)
Boy (right):
Modern pompadour (strawberry blonde)
defined triangle (face)
thin arch (eyebrows)
classic almond (black-eyes)
Button (nose)
smirk (blush-mouth)
toffee (face)
7.Any Specific Details? Slits on all of them, lmao and a knife in the girls hand and can you blur the bg please.
8.Cover Vibe/Aesthetic? (Dark,bright etc) Dark.
9.Description Of Your Story? She runs in tears, bumping into a ‘school friend’ stabbing someone. Forced to join in a British gang, What Will Haunt Her Now?
Boy (left):
Henley Shirt (Black)
Black Tight Pants
Dark Grey Beanie
Black Harlequin Mask
Dress Socks and Shoes Black
Black Triangle Cutout Dress
Red Dress Heels
Boy (right):
Ripped Punk Pants
VNeck Tshirt (Black)
Dress Socks and Shoes Black
11.Poses? (Animations)
Girl: primp_brush_hair (the end)
Boy (left): talk_exclaim_yes (the end)
Boy (right): flirt_wink_forward (the end)
12.Any Quotes and\or taglines?
-end of chapter.


1.Title? Classy
2.Any Specific Font? No
3.Story Genre? Drama
4.Background? Red Carpet
5.How Many Characters? 1
6.Character Details? (above)
7.Any Specific Details? Wearing red
8.Cover Vibe/Aesthetic? (Dark,bright etc) Dark, scandalous
9.Description Of Your Story? A celebrity is stuck in a marriage contract so she teams up with a rival celebrity to ruin her fake boyfriend
10.Outfits? Some sort of red or black dress maybe some gold
11.Poses? (Animations) Winking or flirting
12.Any Quotes and\or taglines? No words


Thankyou! I’ll get started on it right away. What is the author name you would like on the outro?


feck.b and thank you!


Hi! Your Covers look so good!
Cover Form:

  1. Both
  2. The Presidents Daughter
  3. Sam (lol my name is so great)
  4. The White house
  5. 1
  6. Some dress that fits for a president’s daughter
  7. No not really
  8. Just a little bit dark.
  9. It’s basically the title! It’s about a girl and her family moving to the white house. But there are a group of people trying to overtake the government.
    10: Hair: Straight
    Hair Color: Cayenne
    Face: Soft Heart
    Eyebrows: Defined Natural
    Eyes: Round Classic (Black)
    Nose: Soft Natural
    Mouth: Full Round (Taupe)
    Skin Color: Ink Female Tan
    11: No not really.


Cover Form
Good Girl Bad Boy
What you think suits my story title
Any you chose just make a good girl and a bad boy outfit
My girl MC is blond with blue eyes with a small nose and my boy MC is Dark brown with green eyes and quite a bigger nose you can chose what kind of hair
Its in the name


Hi! For me to complete your request i’m going to need the full details for both characters thankyou x


Hey guys, so sorry your covers are taking so long. I promise i am working as fast as i can however i do have alot of exams therefore i have alot of revision to do. They will be done as soon as possible!

Waiting List:

Thankyou so much for your patience :two_hearts:


Good luck in your exams! :blue_heart:


I can help


Thank you so much :two_hearts:


That’s really sweet of you! But my last exam is on the 21/6 after that i have loads of free time so i’ll be able to complete them. Thanks anyway :rose: