Roni's Language Help | Spanish, French and Latin 🗺



Hey guys, many people have asked me to translate some scenes for their story so i thought why not make a thread for it!- Whatever you do never use Google Translate, it is very inaccurate and native readers will be confused when reading your story.

I don’t use my language skills at all unless i visit a certain country so i want to put them to good use and possibly help someone with their story {Pro’s of going to a private school lol}.

I can help you with Spanish, French and Latin!- my Italian isn’t flawless but it isn’t terrible. So just ask away :fr: :es:


This is a really good idea, keep up the good work!


My parents are from French and I need help speaking French


Of course i’ll help you! :revolving_hearts:


You can ask me anything you want to know :blush:


From France*


Hey, I also can help with French and Spanish :blush: And with Portuguese. Not to give myself any publicity, but I just thought I’d offer my help too so that OP doesn’t get overwhelmed.


Plus y’en a mieux c’est.


Absolument. Je savais pas qu’il y avait autant de francophones sur ce forum~


Hmm what does Absolument mean


Absolutely :smile:


Nous sommes partout.
Nous nous cachons dans l’ombre pour mieux nous protéger.

Lol jk.


Mon non plus, merci pour ton aide :blush:


Nous devons préparer un coup d’état. Dés l’aube, je compte sur vous tou(te)s pour… Mince, j’en ai déjà trop dit! Je retourne me cacher :no_mouth:

Pardon Roni, j’arrête :smile:


I knew it


Does cacher mean catch


And Merci mean thank yoi




It means hide


Does préparer mean prepare