Rooming situation (assassin boarding school)

I’ve been working on my new story (which takes place at a boarding school of assassins 0.o) and there are multiple “houses” which you can be sorted into, each house specializes in a different type of combat, or poison, or intelligence. I was wondering for the roommates, should the dorms be split up by houses, or should each dorm room have a student from each house, and then that dorm is a “sector” and a group, so they have one student of each specialty on the “team”???

comment any suggestions or questions <3

  • dorms based on houses
  • dorms based on teams
  • something else (comment)

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Shouldn’t they be versatile? Like able to do it all?

they each have specialties for different situations and missions, but they wouldn’t send someone who’s specialty is poison to a gun fight and vice versa

I feel like they would need to be roomed all together with no privacy, minimum security prison style. These kids are ticking time bombs!


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