Rosa's help thread and guide for new authors!

This thread was created with the intent of helping new authors learn the ropes of scripting and current authors to figure out error’s etc.
If there is anything I cannot answer, i’m sure the community can also help!

General tips

First things first, as a current author i’d recommend you watch @JosephEvans youtube tutorials, he breaks things down real simple in both limelight and ink as well as gives examples to how the commands look.

Besides that here are some tips to a good story.

  1. Never go below 1.5k or 1500 lines, any episodes which don’t reach around 1500 lines take around 1-2 minutes to read and particularly can make readers not want to use their passes to read such a short story.

  2. Have great grammar, punctuation and spelling. It just makes stories more fluent and easy to read, plus it also shows awareness and caution to those who get triggered by bad grammar etc.

  3. Always aim to add some kind of choice per episode, it’s what makes episode unique! Always try to add a choice but please also try avoid pointless choices that don’t affect the story in some way as they just annoy the reader.

  4. Don’t worry about being cliche, everything in this universe is cliche. At the end of the day, someone has thought of the same idea. Whether it be being the bad boy, whether it be dating a teacher (No matter how messed up it sounds) or even stealing a bra. :laughing: CLICHE is okay, just try not to make the same story as others, find a way to make it your own! Find a cool spin on the cliches and make in unique. :smiley:

  5. Make a plan, set yourself a goal that you hope for something to be achieved in the episode your working on. That way you know what you want your readers to take away upon completing the episodes.


Great topic! Thank you for the tips!

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@caitlin5976 Please say I tagged the right caitlin, Are you the caitlin playing episode in science class? Yes or No. (There we go, now we can figure out which one is the one I know.)

Hey! You’ve tagged the right person!

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@Episodio.Rosa and @coco.xhic thanks alot for giving great tips


No problem, feel free to ask for help too.

I don’t think I agree with the “Pointless choices annoy the reader”, because as Joseph Evans said himself, you could, for example (the same example he gave), either choose to free a prisoner or not, but they’d still escape and fight you. Neither choices change the outcome, and they’re basically pointless, but they make the reader feel as if they picked the right choice or not. I don’t like making pointless choices myself, but sometimes it’s necessary if you want the reader to choose something, yet you don’t want to alter the outcome. However, I believe there should be more than 1 choice per episode, especially if you’ve added points. I don’t mind working more by adding more choices, but it sure takes a long time, so I still respect those people that make ‘pointless choices’, because at least they gave us a choice, whether it altered anything or not. Episode is supposed to be interactive, so 1 choice per episode is really lacking. I’d rather have 50 pointless choices than have 1 choice that’s gonna change the episode completely and then I’d have to replay the story to see the other outcome.

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