Rosellete's Murder || RP/SG || Sign-ups || {Open}


~* Main Idea of the SG *~
Rosellete, a person who was murdered in the early age of 14, 18 years ago, rumors are that her spirit haunts the village of Angern and kills everyone who goes out during 12:00 a.m to 5:00 a.m, What would happen when fearless people were assigned to try to stay up the night for $100,000 with series of challenges to see if they can survive. Can people escape?

Additional information

The roleplay would end when the night ends so it kind of ends early than thought, but I have plans tho and each hour goes on every one day so the rp would go on for atleast 5 days but it can be EXTENDED when it is really needed

Roselette changes location thrice for every HOUR, she changes location whenever a person STEPPED ON HER BOOBIE TRAP as a person steps on her trap, that person would become a LOST SOUL, even if your character is DEAD you can choose to help me in the roleplay and be ROSELETTES sidekick you may even have a chance to be Rosellete

List of Definitions

Lost soul - A person who dies but no one ever saw his/her soul, the person who was never buried, the persons soul lurks people today


Note: This is my first roleplay so please bare with me! Although, I’m really excited to see how this turns out as I have things planned out, so again, please dont rush me and tell me stuff like when is it going to start and stuff?

Where you can go and where it is located

Heres a map on where you are allowed to go

The safe spot is still not safe, it is a riskier place to be

Sign-ups, faceclaims and reserves


Rosellete’s Murder ~ Signups

Any other information I didnt state? Ask right away!
Rules and other how to’s would be sent to you after the signups!

Anyone have a new role play?
Anyone have a roleplay I can join?

Reserve for one female, please


yesss this seems so cool! reserve for a female character :smiley:


This seems cool! Reserve for a female character please!


reserve on female


Reserve for one female pls!




reserve for a female if this is still happening


Signed up!


But: I think this would not work out as an RP so I decided to make it and SG im so sorry to people who has already signed up!

If you’re still interested please let me know! Ill only need a maximum of 10 CHARACTERS


I’m still interested.


Can anybody make male characters?


I will in the morning


i’m still interested!!


I’m still interested :slight_smile:


Yep, you can call me STUPID if you want, so basically I didnt realize that you can mix RP with SG which is really sad so I decided to mix it, there will be some time that I WILL CONTROL WHAT YOU DO then you go back to RP I’m truly sorry once again and again, if you’re not interested because obvi I dont know if I should make it a SG or RP but if your still interested, type below “Still interested”

Also for anyone who might be interested I need 5 people left! Also for the reserves, can I have your characters today or tomorrow? Ill be keeping your reserves for only 4 more days


Still interested


oh yay! then can I reserve?


ofcourse :two_hearts:


Still interested! I’ll send my character in a dm, is that good?