Rose's Song Quiz

You have good taste! :metal::blush:

thank you ^-^

  1. umm anything i like lmao
  2. What do you wanna do in this stupid little world?
  4. No idea, it keeps changing.
  5. uh ABE
  6. The song where they sing
  7. it’s called ____

(this ain’t serious, clearly these answers are trolls, and delete if you want :slight_smile:)

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“What do you wanna do in this stupid little world” :joy: :rofl:

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“I dunno but let’s not pee in the world.” :laughing::joy:

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Question #1: I like anything from 1970’s to 1990’s
Question #2: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Question #3: Anything Country
Question #4: Stevie Nicks
Question #5: Don’t know
Question #6: Ed Sheeren
Question #7: Galway Girl
Question #8: Fleetwood Mac and Queen


Question #1: What’s your favorite type of music?

Dramatic orchestral

Question #2: What’s your favorite song, and why?

Unfair question. It changes often, depending on what I’m obsessed with at the time. It’s been Underwater, by Bassnectar (dubstep). Still is kind of Primordia, by Hiroyuki Sawano (dramatic orchestra). Forgotten Love by Aurora (pop) yeah…

Forgotten Love


Primordia <3 <3

Question #3: What’s your least favorite song?

Mmm…maybe something by ICP.

Mad Professor

Question #4: Who’s your favorite singer, and why?

It is a tie between Michael Jackson, Geddy Lee (Rush), Steve Perry (Journey), because they have such sweet harmonies <3 <3

Beat It feat. THE GOD Eddie Van Halen


Ask The Lonely - hands down the BEST very BEST song ever by Journey!

Question #5: Who’s your least favorite singer?

Um…drawing a blank. Sorry.

Question #6: Out of these singers, who is the best? (Pick one.)

A) Taylor Swift

Question #7: What’s your favorite song of the singer you chose in the last question?

Love Story or You Belong With Me - I prefer the country-pop Taylor. Right in between, that nice sweet spot. <3 <3

Love Story

You Belong With Me

Question #8: Do you have a favorite band/girl group? If so, who is it?

Favorite band or girl group? - My favorite band for a long time is Disturbed, but I don’t know of many girl groups off the top of my head. Blackpink comes to mind, but they aren’t exactly profound.

The Vengeful One!


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  1. Emo/goth/alternative
  2. Helena by My Chemical Romance because it brings back alot of Memories and the music video is awesome
  3. Hmm hard to pick a least favourite song because I don’t listen to music I don’t like but Baby by Justin bieber irritates me
  4. My favourite singer is Brendon Urie because he has an amazing vocal range and I love his voice
  5. Again hard to pick a least favourite but probably Justin Bieber
  6. I don’t really listen to any of them but I’ll say Carrie Underwood
  7. I only know one song by her called “theres a place out there for us” or something I only know it because I sang it with my class in primary school
  8. My favourite band is hard to choose because I have so many but My Chemical Romance will always be my favourite
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1. R&B and alternative
2. “Appletree” by Erykah Badu; I love singing this and playing it on piano, and it’s just such a good groove, “Memories” by Panic! At The Disco; this makes me feel a lot of things, and for some reason it gets a lot of ideas and creativity flowing for me
3. Idk, anything screamo?
4. Z Berg. I love her voice so much. She doesn’t try to do crazy riffs and big loud belts. She sings very low for a girl (which I love bc I’m a fellow alto) and she gets soft and delicate when she goes up higher. Also Brendon Urie. Best male singer of our time (I think. Just watch his best live vocals)
5. Again, any screamo artist. I appreciate all kinds of music, I just can’t enjoy screamo. Also, as a singer, it hurts my own throat when I listen to it :sweat_smile:
6. Beyoncé!!! Fucking vocal goddess. That’s all I have to say.
7. Halo
8. Oof too many. TLC, Panic!, idkHow, tøp, Staple Singers…

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Beyonce and Bruno mars
And yes @yoms TLC is amazing

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Question1.) Pop, Rap, & R&B
Question2.) Human Nature - Michael Jackson (Because…I’m a Moonwalker :sunglasses:)
Question3.) Cardi B Songs
Question4.) John Legend, I really love the way he puts out music. Plus it’s great taste :wink:
Question5.) I don’t know?
Question6.) Beyonce and Bruno Mars (sorry)
Question7.) Listen and Talking To The Moon
Question8.) Twenty One Pilotssss!!

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  1. Rap/hip-hop
  2. 1997 DIANA could make me happy any day
  3. Probably any Drake song out right now
  4. Frank Ocean Kanye West Tyler The Creator
  5. Taylor Swift
  6. I can’t pick a best out the three
  7. Sweet Life, Cudi Montage, I Ain’t Got Time!
  8. Its gonna be BROCKHAMPTON I think because they were my first concert too
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