ROSIE's art shop | free & paid

hi i’m Rosie and i’ve been drawing for some time :heartpulse: i do requests and commissions!

i can do:

  • art scenes (paid)
  • story covers (paid)
  • profile pictures (paid)
  • edits outside of Episode (free)
  • outfits (free)
  • moodboards (free)
  • basic photo editing day/night versions (free)
  • and probably more if you asked!

here are my examples:

art scenes

story covers

profile pictures

story covers outside of Episode


as i said, anything drawn is usually a commission. however i can draw a profile picture for free :heartbeat:

my prices range between 5€ - 17€ (starting point, not including add-ons), but i often lower the price!

if you want to request or commission me (or simply check out all information), you can visit my document/website :relaxed:

if you want a drawing from me, you must fill out the form below

thank you for stopping by.

  • love, rosie

Can I request one?

of course! you can either enter the details here, or in the document i linked :heartpulse:

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1 pfp is free right? Just to confirm…

yep! (please know that i only do portraits as pfps)

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Okay then-


Smth like this
download (1)


Can you make a high short ponytail with bangs?

This outfit

yes i think i could make a ponytail, but could you please explain the pose? with the line. one side is happy and one sad?

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Yup line in middle, one side sad and another happy

hmm i will message you after i complete a commission :> and we will work from there

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Hii :heart_eyes:

Your work is beautiful! :two_hearts:
I’d like to request a pfp (portrait)

Here are my character details & pose reference -



Are you able to do the last one, but any of them is fine! :))

Thank you :heart:

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hey i love your idea and thank you for requesting me! i have one more commission to finish and then i will see! :revolving_hearts:

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Ah, thanks a lot! Im not in a rush, take your time :hugs:

Hello, would you be able to take a profile picture request right now?

alright! but if you could, I’d still appreciate if u could fill out the form on the link, as it helps me with being more organized :sob:

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hi! i’d have to add you to the waiting list for now, since i have to complete other pieces :>

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Alright, that’s completely fine. I can wait😁

Its done <3

thank you!

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if it’s not a problem, could you please fill out the form (that i linked) as it helps me see more clearly? and you can also send all the details there ! :relaxed:

i’ll get started soon as i’m finishing up my previous work. what outfit would you like your character to have (top, specifically?)

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