Rosie's Edit shop [Closed] 💞

Yes, I changed my name from Rye to Rosie. I can change my name whenever I like :wink:

Hello aliens from the outside world! Welcome to Ry…Rosie’s edit shop! Here, you would be able to get any type of art. To understand everything please read the whole thing on this topic!

So werent there so many times that you judged a story by its cover and description? Dont deny it we have done that so many times. Unncountable even! But thats no fear, other artists are here to help you! And that includes me.

Oh what a coincidence! You have stumbled upon my art museum, here you shall see art done by yours truly :kiss:

Ink art
Splashes, Intro and Outro Art

Cover art

I havent really done any cover art so… I am sorry, although just because I dont have examples doesnt mean I cannot do it!

Character Edits

I have alot more but I am too lazy to post all of it

Limelight Art
Character Edit

No characters

I recolored this background to match a lava interior cave hopefully for my upcoming story


This one is actually gonna be up soon since I haven’t tried creating an overlay from scratch and I don’t want to claim a random overlay on the Internet as mine.

Real life people profile pictures

So before you make a request, please read everything :slight_smile:

Rule no 1. Credit | Please make sure to credit me in any part of your story or in your instagram! You could credit me as @Rylie_episode on instagram!

Rule no 2. Patience | Each and single one of my edits take time, I am patient about it and I do not require you to do so but please dont try to rush me. I could easily decline or not finish your request if ever I find you rushing me.

Rule no 3. Details | This is not a necessary rule but I advise you to add in details to your request, i’d much rather accept a too specific request rather than something not so specific

Rule no 4. Refusing Requests | I have the rights to refuse your request. I may do this only if ever you dont follow the rules that are given by yours truly.

Rule no 5. This is not First come First serve | Im sorry but unfortunately this is not first come, first serve. I do whichever requests catch my eye first before someone elses’ so I apologize if someone else gets their request first

Rule no 6. Slots | So since I dont want to overload myself with requests I am going to have slots that go up to 10 After 10 slots are filled, I am gonna close the thread for a while until those are gonna be finished.

Rule no 6. Redo | If you are unhappy with the looks of how your request turned out, but im sorry as I will only redo it 1 time. So make sure to add more detail to your request!

So Im obviously not the one for requests forms, im just gonna ask you to add in details to what you want! Ill probably add one up soon if I actually finish making one…

Slots open : 0

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Ooh hello! I am on Insta too and follow you.

So here the details of the splash:



None needed



Pose: idle_shiftweight


I entrust you with that but if you wish, I can provide an outfit. Would love a flower crown as well please.

Oh hello! I just wanted to ask you if you could make me an edit?

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Thanks for request ill get back to you soon :heart:
But may I ask whatever is the vibe of the splash?


A sort of calm vibe if that makes sense :blush:

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Thank you :+1:

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Can you be more specific of how you want it to look like?

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Thank you so much :heart:

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I literally have no ideas for an outfit, could you possibly send me a reference picture?

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Sure :heart: Quick question, can it be a custom outfit?

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Of course!

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The edit can be however you want, but, you can make her look like howeve tuoi want, just her hair blonde and her lips big like the pic everything else like you want


Yay :heart:

Here is an inspo pic!

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Thank you :heart: working on it right away!
Do you want it a waist up shot or full body?


:heart: thanks and waist up please

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Ok :+1:

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Thanks take all the time you want

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One question , are you interested on joining a group? :slight_smile:

Hi I have a request. Credit will be given.
Is there any way you could edit this background so there aren’t any ink characters and could you also make overlays out of the desks please. xx


Girlie you are so talented! :heart_eyes: