:blob_hearts: Rosita’s Temporary Work Space! :blob_hearts:

Welcome to Rosalindas Temporary Work Space!!!

I will be doing a variety of stuff!! :D

I recently found love of doing these types of edits :D

Btw I highly recommend this beautiful story called “Marry Me” by Thais!!

Author IG: @thais.episode for more info on “Marry Me”!! :D

^^^ Those types of edits will be for stories mainly tho I can make exceptions :D

^^ Forms :D

Fill out THIS form if you have a story


What is your story called?

Author Name?

Story Theme? (requirement)

Should the char/s be happy, sad, etc?

Please send an image of the chars you want in the edit so I know who to look for in the story & I will try my best to fit the chars in the theme you provide!

Fill out THIS form if you don’t have a story


Char/s deets:


Emotion: Happy, Sad, Romantic?:

PW CODE: 31 Nights Of Halloween

  • No thread hopping (requesting the same thing twice at two shops!!)

  • Be NICE!

  • Do not redistribute my work if it was not made for you! (Included examples!!)

  • Do NOT edit my work in any way, shape or form in the slightest please!!!

  • Do NOT ghost this topic & leave your request & expect me to finish it & disappear without a response!

I will blacklist you, or block you, or ban you from any future projects of mine if you break my rules! :blob_hearts:



Rosita :blob_hearts:


31 Nights Of Halloween

The XO’s
The theme is like navigating through fame, friendship, and romance.

The characters should be happy and show friendship and the musical aspect.

@Rosalinda.Episode it’s been updated!

Did you need a link to make it easier?

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No that won’t be necessary :D

Maybe just images of the characters look so I know who you want in the edit, I will be taking screenshots of the story & try to fit it in the description you kindly provided! :blob_hearts:


My story is actually being released this week so I’ll probably have to postponed my request until it’s released if that’s okay with you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course! No worries! I’ll keep you on the waitlist then :D :blob_hearts:

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thank you!

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PW:31 Nights of Halloween

What is your story called? Say My Name

Author Name? Purple Radiance

Story Theme? ( requirement ) Action(?)

Should the char/s be happy, sad, etc? Happy or smug? Maybe?
I actually have 6 main characters but I’ll send the two main main characters lol

I love the example so much so I decided I have to have one :joy:

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Hehe thank you!!! :pleading_face::butterfly:

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:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: Completed :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


Your characters were amazing to work with!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


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thank you! this is so fricking cute : D!!

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No problem!! Credit can be given with my forums username if used on IG or your story!


Do you still want this?

You deleted your request & reply to my thread.

@PurpleRadiance Heyyy!

I finished your request!! I tried something new out on Procreate I hope you like it!!

Credit can be given with my forums username!! :two_hearts::dizzy:

Hope you enjoy!! btw love your story :eyes::two_hearts:

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Omg, I love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. My lil cuties. Thank so much and I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. This is so AWESOME and gives me more motivation to push through chapter 4 (I’m attempting some advanced coding/directing :clown_face::eyes:). Thanks again and I’ll be sure to credit you!

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