Rotate Command Trouble

Hello again, Thank you for your responses in advance.
I have a problem rotating an overlay.
I wrote the rotate command I had no errors but the overlay still won’t rotate.

I have no idea what I’ve done wrong.
I tried everything I could find on older topics about rotate command but I still cant find out why this is happening and that’s why I created a new topic.
Thank you all for your help in advance again :heart:

Hello! Did you create the overlay?

There’s nothing to loop because you only have one command! If you want something to loop, you’d have to do it like this:

&overlay NAME rotates X anchor point x y in T then overlay NAME rotates X anchor point x y in T loop infinite times

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Not this one, I have other ones that I created myself but I haven’t tried the command on those.

I tried it without the loop command but it still didn’t rotate, I put the loop command there to see if it would rotate but i didn’t had better luck. :confounded:

What does the overlay look like? A 350 degree rotation will be very small

That’s the overlay sorry for the late response btw and thank you very much for spending your time trying to help me :blush:

Change the rotates 350 to -350
Save and preview and it should rotate (backwards). If it does, then change it back, save and refresh then preview and it’ll rotate the way you want it to. (the coding looks correct and if you have no errors chances are it’s just one of those weird portal glitches. It’s happened to me before, too. but it rotated fine in the app. )

Try previewing through the app. Sometimes overlays wont appear or move in the web previewer. And if that doesn’t work then try rotating the overlay in a different angle, 350 could possibly be a small turn, almost unnoticeable.

Thank you all very much but I tried it all and nothings happens thank very much again :heart:
I’ll use some other overlay I’m giving up :confounded:

Maybe this will help?

Did you created the overlay. For example: @overlay overlayname create
I don’t see the create command from the photo you provided.

Yes i did is the very first command :confused:

Thank you very much it does explain many things ! But still I have the command right.
And I want to make the overlay make a full move.
Like spin around itself :confused:

correct me if I’m wrong, those 2 are different overlays right?

Oh gosh yes you’re right :dizzy_face: I just noticed !
You’re a life saver !
THANK YOU VERY MUCH :two_hearts:

you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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