Rotating Limb overlay

I’m having trouble with a limb overlay of mine and I need help. I want the arm to stay in one place while rotating but it moves to somewhere else and then rotates.

This is what I’m talking about:

Heres the script:


Looks to me your doing everything right. You just need to change these numbers here!

Play around with those coordinates and you get there!!

:warning: Also as a warning, you will have to change where the overlay is, but don’t worry, once you have the lim rotation with the right centre point then you can move it back into place!


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You can also use @Dara.Amarie’s guides if you need help

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What should I change it to, do you know?

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I did. It didn’t really help. :sob:

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Do this it might help:-

First keep the limb in the first position means straight and copy paste the co-ordinates
Then keep the limb in horizontal position where you want it to be after rotation.
Keep in mind that the elbow shound be in same position and if it’s not don’t worry we can fix it
And now copy paste that position’s co-ordinates.
Keep the y co-ordinate same in both positions
Ex. When the limb was in vertical position
@overlay shifts to 144 335 in 0
When limb was in horizontal position
@overlay shifts to 235 338 in 1
Change and make y co-ordinate (one in bold) same.
Means the horizontal position should be
@overlay shifts to 235 335 in 1

Maybe this will help


The anchor point is the point at which the overlay rotates around, meaning that the overlay is rotating around the bottom right corner in your script. If the desired point of rotation isn’t the point 0 0 on the grid of the overlay (including the entire box it’s part of) it will not rotate around the desired point. (I’m guessing the base of the arm in this case.)

For reference:

The rotation point here would be 1 0, as the base of the arm is located there.


This helped me a lot

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