Rotating Overlay While Moving

I’m having trouble with rotating while moving the overlay. The scene I’m trying to do is throw a stuffed dinosaur at someone from across the room.
I hope this makes sense! xxx

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Use & for the shorter-timed action instead of @ <3


&overlay DINOSAUR rotates z anchor point x y in s
@overlay DINOSAUR shifts to x y in s

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Thank you! I’ll try this now

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It’s still not working:/

Can you show me the piece of your script?

oops sorry I just realised that was the wrong sc!!

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If you’re throwing the overlay at someone’s face, make sure to add in another code afterwards for it falling to the floor.

I usually set my anchor point at 0.5 0.5 because it’s the middle of the overlay as well <3

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I’ll try that x hopefully it works!

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it does work! but not at the start when I put the command in for the start it makes the overlay large then it does work when throwing at someones face

do you know how i could fix this issue?

It is big because you put it next to the background but not added any scale (or shift) command so it apears in its original size and place.

To have it in the right size from the begining you have to write it next to the background

INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with OVERLAYNAME to % x y in zone # at layer #

More to it you will find here:


Much appreciated x

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