Rotating Overlays Help!

How do I make the overlay fall down in the center while it’s rotating? It keeps going left

Question, what anchor point are you using? And is your overlay a symmetrical shape?

I’m using 0.5 as my anchor point & i dont think my overlay is symmetrical. It’s a sentence that’s straight across

Well that could be why it’s moving to the left… It’s it your own overlay you’ve uploaded or a text overlay that you made in the script?

My own overlay

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Well, if there’s too much transparency on either side, this can make the center of the overlay be a different anchor point, which could make it land at a different spot that what you want it to

So what am I supposed to do?

Well, you can try different anchor points - like a trial and error method if you want to find the center

Or since you want it to shift to a specific spot, just wait until it’s rotated, then shift it to where you want it to land, then change the shift points in your script so it would land there when you preview it. <-- that would make the most sense to me, but I’m sorry if I explained it poorly

@Apes or @Dara.Amarie
Think you can help?

I’m so confused

Ok, let me try to break it down

  1. first just rotate your overlay the amount you want it to.
  2. Once it’s upside down (or wherever you want it to stop), shift it using the spot helper to where you want it to end up.
  3. Now that you have those coordinates, you can combined them in the script so that it will rotate while it’s moving to where you want .

(Also Dara is on holidays)

I wanted it on 360 so it can land back to 0. Your confusing me

did you try to change anchor point as @amberose suggest it? Also, if you want it to rotate while falling you should put the same time, also try 359 if 360 is not working

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Thank you! I finally got it
@amberose Thank you too!

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Sorry for confusing you haha

It’s fine. Thanks for your help

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