Rotation puzzle template

If anyone is unsure of what’s happening in the video (I understand thing better by experimenting) or want’s to try it out.
I’ll leave the link to the game here.
there is no story and it goes straight to the mini game and will just reset it’s self at the end (once complete) because I’ve put a loop on it while working on a new game to avoid any confusion and bugs.

once again thanks guys

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Wait, so first of all this is insanely dope. But second of all is the ‘tap’ feature available for everyone?! Last I’ve seen it it was being beta’d by a bunch of great authors. Can we finally use it??

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thank you so much I will use this later on in my stories !

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Hey :slight_smile: thank you for your comment I’m glad you like it. I completely forgot about tappable overlays being in beta testing :persevere:

But anyone can use it. It’s just that it hasn’t been fully released yet meaning episode may change the coding for tappable overlays.

I’m glad you pointed thia out as I’ll add it to my OP.

Once again thank you

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Omg I just read your code and the ‘tappable feature’… It’s here… This changes everything.


I have no idea how long this feature has ACTUALLY been out but yknow what it’s new to me

Congrats on that code, this is an awesome story feature!!


bruh. Nevermind. Me reading this comment


That’s how I felt when you reminded me about beta testing :frowning:

However you will still be able to use it for now and with any luck episode won’t change anything. I really hope they don’t!!


I’m glad you like it

Is it possible to add more pieces?

Yes, why you didn’t ask me while you were with my yesterday I’ll never know :joy:
(Don’t worry guys we know eachother.)

I’m busy with work at now but will upload the instructions for adding additional pieces

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