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Hello! My shop is currently closed for covers and art scenes. If you would like one, please request however it will take longer than it would normally. If you would like a profile picture, character, or EDITED cover, it is still open :purple_heart:

Welcome to RowenJ Art Shop

Here I can help you out with covers, character cards, art scenes and much more!

Read the rules, fill out a form and Iโ€™ll get back to you :purple_heart:

Covers and Art
Art pieces and covers I have created

Pieces I have coloured, aka the shape is not mine

Splashes and Character Cards


  • I only do limelight

  • Donโ€™t thread hop

  • Donโ€™t steal any of my work

  • I have every right to decline your order

  • Credit me on Instagram rowenj_epi or the forums RowenJ

  • No Thread Hopping!

  • No rushing me! It takes time to create pieces for you and I do have other pieces to do at the same time as yours. You can private message me asking how much longer it will take

  • Fill out the form correctly and in one post! If I see that you have left something out, I will ask you and not start until I know the full order

  • Do not use my work without my exact permission!

  • Please do not change your order drastically aka swapping all your characters. Just donโ€™t please!

  • When you have a pose, please find one that I can use, aka if it is a beach picture, do not bring me one in the middle of winter even if it is the same pose. Google has everything, just find it

    The requirements in bold are needed and the ones not in bold are optional, however it is easier if I have the most possible :purple_heart:. If you also have any pictures of what you would like it to look like, also put that in the the request. Also, please state a day you would like it to be done by. I will work on pieces by the order they have been requested and how long they will take :purple_heart:


Drawn or Edited-
Small or Large cover-
Character details and clothing-
Poses and references-
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)-

Character Cards

Character details-
Details,clothes or both?-
Poses and references-
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)-

Intros and Outros

What kind?-
Drawn or edited?-
Character details and clothing-
Poses and references-
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)-

Profile Pictures

Character details and clothing-
Drawn or edited-
Poses and references-
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, colour scheme etc.)-


What type?(Mature themes, soundโ€ฆ)
Drawn or Edited
Character details

Art Scenes

Character details and clothing-
Something else?(Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)-

Characters, Outfits and Names

What one?
Year(Victorian, 90sโ€ฆ)
Body Type
Number(Max is 3 characters, no limit for outfits and names)
Something else?

Thank you for requesting :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

Examples from requests on here



I really like you examples!! :heart:
Iโ€™m holding a contest (click here to go to the cover contest) and I requested a cover and if you win I will give away prizes. All the information are there. If you want to join you can, and Iโ€™ll even give prizes. Love your art keep it up!!



Well, the sketch you used for this edit of yours is by @isaacfaraaustd on Picsart. This sketch doesnโ€™t belong to the category of free pics , nor is it a sticker, right? Also, you did not credit the artist for the sketch-This is plagiarism ! So remove it or youโ€™ll get reported!
Tried my best not to sound rude.


Thatโ€™s why it looks familiarโ€ฆ :clown_face:

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lol yeah

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Is it just me or this sketch also looks familiar tooโ€ฆ?
(I think I see it somewhere from Tumblr or something, correct me if Iโ€™m wrong.)



I love your drawn cover (your second example)! :heart_eyes:
I am interested to get a drawn art for small cover.

Here are the details

Small cover drawn

Title- Love Me Again?

Font- Bold, yet romantic (could you maybe show me some samples, maybe I can choose? Or maybe you can narrow down some after seeing my request)

Author- Lynn Ann

Drawn or Edited - Drawn, if possible

Small or Large cover - Small

Character details and clothing -


Body: generic female with colour Gold 03
Brow: arched natural with colour black dark
Hair: long curls with colour Brown black
Eyes: deepset downturned with colour blue deep
Face: Heart soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full heart pouty with colour Dark apricot matte

Body: generic male with colour Gold 02
Brow: straight medium scar with colour black dark
Hair: medium taper wavy with colour Brunette brown
Eyes: narrow almond deep sunken with colour hazel
Face: Chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: grecian narrow
Mouth: medium heart with colour beige gold
Extra: He has a faint scar over his left eye, hope you can add that little detail.

Background -
Zoom in a little on zone 2

Poses and references -
Actually, I had done this before, but its a little boring over months. Hope you can make it much beautiful, since it will be drawn by you! :two_hearts:

Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)

  • Make it more vibrant and romantic.
  • text: Just the title and author name

Let me know if I had missed out any details.
I am looking forward for your beautiful drawn cover! :heart:

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Well, erm, this looks good! :cowboy_hat_face:

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What time would you like it to be done by?
What clothes would you like them to have? :purple_heart:

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Hi. I would like to say that I did not draw those outlines. I found them on a website that said it was their own and everybody could use them. I have since changed the format of my shop to show the outlines I have used. I still believe that these are my own pieces of art as I have added colour and tone to them, and in many slightly edited the outlines. I have not meant any offence or plagiarism with my art and I have never claimed that I personally drew these images. Thank you for this comment, I would like to offer an apology to anyone that was offended by it. Thanks! :purple_heart:


Hey. Thanks for accepting :heart_eyes:
Take your time. It isnโ€™t urgent at all.

For the clothes, I want exactly like the sample I did before. The lady with a yellow jacket, and the man with a blue shirt, with a little chest hair peaking through.
You can follow as the sample, but follow my typed-in details for the charscter features. The vertical scar for the guy is important in my story.

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hey @RowenJ would u like to create Outfit

I need outfit for bโ€™day girl her frnds and bf organizes a party where every one is called but one of her mean frnd who is jealous she does something to her outfit and in middle of the party her top falls off
lol so plz help me with the outfit iโ€™ll give u credit and plz create a fancy outfit with pants or else she will be strip naked lmao coz itโ€™s her bโ€™day. ;p

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Hi, hope you liked the pictures!

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r u stilling taking requests

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Yes :purple_heart:

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What kind? - Slapsh
Drawn or edited? - Drawn
Text - no text
Font -
Character details and clothing -

Background - Dark alley
Poses and references -
The boy in with a phone at the camera and bitting his lip (like heโ€™s taking a mirrior picture)
and the girl with a hood over her head with a shy smile
I want the girl on his back like a piggy back ride
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)- nope
Iโ€™ll send the outfits rn

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Zippered Hoodie Cotton Grey Black (without the shirt)
Hipster Underwear Cotton


Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black

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thxs girl!
when will it be done by (not tryin a rush u)

When do you need it by? :purple_heart:

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