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when ever possible (by a week at least)
I wanna get my story published but dont wanna rush u

Ok, I’ll try and do it by then :purple_heart:

tysm :black_heart:

Title- Escorting Clermont
Font- any font is fine whatever matches well
Author- Catheen
Drawn or Edited - drawn
Small or Large cover - both
Character details and clothing -


body: female genreric (netural 03)
brows: arched thin (dark brown)
hair: long way blowout (medium brown)
eyes: female gerneic (hazel)
face: diamond
nose: round button
lips: full round pouty (pink beige gloss)


body: male generic body (neutral 04)
brows: staright medium (black)
hair: short messy curls (black dark)
eyes: narrow almond deep sunken (ice blue)
face: diamond soft
nose: staright narrow
lips: medium heart (beige deep neutral

outfit for girl

outfit for boy

Background - 94fead8795b44fafccad0ed756a087fe
Poses and references - Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 1.36.43 PM
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)-
i would like the background blurred

When do you need it by? :purple_heart:

you can take your time i will not be uploading this story in while but maybe like a week :smile:

Ok :purple_heart:

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Bump :purple_heart:

Hello! I’m looking for a cover as I’m starting my first story!
Title- Before I met you
Font- Cursive but bold letters.
Author- Farah
Drawn or Edited - Drawn if you can!
Small or Large cover - Small
Character details and clothing -

Body type: Female Generic Body with skin colour as Neutral 02
Eyebrows and eyes: Arched Thin with Female generic eyes and brown pale eyes.
Face and nose: Diamond face with Defined natural nose.
Lip and lip colour: Full heart pouty with Pink peach Medium matte as lip colour.
Hair and hair colour: Long down wavy princess braid with medium warm brown hair colour.
Clothes: Preferably a yellow dress with no designs.
Extra details: Nose stud and Freckles heavy (4-7)
Body type: male generic body with skin colour as Rose 3
Face shape: Chiseled Angular
Eyebrows: Straight Medium
Eye shape and eye colour: Deepest Downturned with Emerald green eyes.
Nose shape: Straight Pointed
Hair and hair colour: Medium side part flip with brown black hair colour
Mouth and lip colour: Medium Heart with Beige rose
Extra: Freckles Heavy (4-7)
Clothes: Light blue jeans with Any type of white shirt.
Background -
Poses and references - dd48318f3a8c5d2189908a4b888e547b
Something else? (Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)-

  • Text: Title and author’s name at the bottom right
  • Overlay: If you can get the female character to do a hand pose that would be great (the one in the photo is preferable.)
  • Colors: Vibrant and and or aesthetic colours.

Hope you can help me out with my first story! im looking forward to seeing the results!

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When do you need it by? :purple_heart:

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By the end of this week if u can!

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Bump! :purple_heart:



Character details and clothing

Skin: Neutral 2
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Dark Brown)
Face: (Heart Soft)
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout (Medium Warm Brown)
Nose: Defined Natural
Eyes: Female Generic (Green-Blue)
Mouth: Full round flat top skin (Pink beige gloss)

Quilted Pattern Panelling Belted Open Jacket Leather Grey Black;
Tank top cotton white;
Silver cuff leggings spandex grey black
White chunky sneakers
Freckles (8-10)

Drawn or edited

Drawn please.


Poses and References

Pouty or duckface.
Something like these
Any would be fine. <3

Thank you!

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Thank you!

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HI, I was wondering, do you do backgrounds? If you don’t that is absolutely fine.

Sorry, I don’t however ther are lots of websites to find backgrounds on and shops to request. :purple_heart:

Can I request an art piece?! I will use it for my story intro.

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Sure! The forms are in the first post :purple_heart:

Character details and clothing -
Body : Female Athletic body (Gold_06)

Brows : Arched Natural Scar (Black dark)

Eyes : Round Downturned Wide (Blue deep)

Nose : Round button

Lips : Small heart (Red deep matte)

Hair :Long Double Dutch Braids (Chestnut brown)

Face : Round soft

I don’t think you will need a full outfit details for this one, as it’s just upto should. Use a black tank top and the black mask.
Poses -


Facing forward.
references -



Something else?(Theme, text, overlay, color scheme etc.)- Text (SHADO), Color : whichever will stand out best with the background.

*Can you kindly make the art scene a little more zoomed out than the reference picture and show her hairs and shoulder, as you know the dimension will be 640 1136

Lastly, thank you for doing this.

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