Roxy's Outline Contest!


Hey Guys Welcome To my outline contest!
Judge Me!

The theme is food!!
draw outline something of food do your own outline the deadline is
August 23
Make Sure Your outline is related to food!f8e1db5ef54533d150dee32905ec4a8c7ac3077e_1_238x500
this is my example so dont use it as your own!!
Took me A Long time to make these so no hate


no it took me a month to make those…


so pls leave if you dont want to enter…


Pls leave


What that you just erased the inside?


Did you draw it?


umm no i used a pixle app


yes i did draw it but on a pixle app


By hand?


So basically we post outlines related to food here?

Also, its not my place to say but please keep this topic RELATED TO THE TOPIC

Also: can it be a real life character outline or does it have to be episode based?


can be both it doesnt matter


well i tried to keep this civil but welll they started to interogate me when i told them to leave


Aw, love I didn’t know you had depression! I do too. I’m sorry you feel that way :cold_sweat:


Nah ts Fine