Roxy's Request Thread! NOW OPEN


Welcome To My request thread. SO to get started this is ONLY for these following types of requests.

Edits But Not Drawn
Pfp But Not Drawn

Now the rules
No promoting your own thread just wastes my time
NO whining if your request gets denied i have the authority to do that
Never make a request on behalf of somebody because it starts drama
Also give the right format for the type of request

Formats of request

COVERS: PLEASE ONLY give me a picture of your character you want on it because its easier for me and alot faster Make sure to include what type of background you want. Make sure to tell me if you want any kind of sparkles on it**

EDITS: Picture of chosen to be edited.

Pfp: Always give me what you want on your Pfp and plus the character and type of background

SPLASHES: Give me the request type of splash like to be continued or this story uses sound. And give me a specific backgound

Thank You!


Roxy I’m Leslie remember me! Pm me! @leslie1230 was my old username

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yes i do!

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its time for me to change my nametho


Omg lol remember me? Sisters…? :joy:




Can you add me too.


How can i change my name :sob:


go to setting and profile and youll see it

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Submit a ticket! Pm me for more information

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I meant to change the username, it can’t be changed right :frowning:

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Yes it can

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I just saw the tutorial i will thanks :heart_eyes:

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Can you make me a splash?

Surprise me on background and clothing

To be continued splash please



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Do you have examples?


no because they got deleted

archived #18