Royal/Regal Bedroom?

Hi, is there anyone who can do me an edit for a bedroom, I want something that has got the regal/royal quality of the royal protag bedroom and the regal olive bedroom (if that makes sense).

Please help me if you can :slight_smile:

Would these work?

(some may need advanced spot directing)

(all backgrounds are from Google images)


These would definitely work for a female character I’ve got, but I’m also finding it difficult to come across a decent royal bedroom for a prince, I don’t suppose you could help me could you?

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I see. Would these work by any chance?

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Third one is copyrighted and won’t work :wink: i tried.

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The second one is copyrighted as well. ^.^

Uh oh :sweat_smile:
I recieved the images from Google, and then I resized them, so I’m not entirely sure what the original source of the images are :grimacing:

Yes, these are great, thank you :slight_smile:

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