Royalty free art was not royalty free

So I had an overlay I used and in and edit which I had found on what is a royalty-free website. and now I needed it again and I dont know why I did not notice it before but it has a watermark, so I looked it up and I actually found the artist(who has not been online since 2013)

I can so, in fact, buy the overlay I wanna use because she sells it and its only like 3 dollars for the entire set (15 overlays) so yeah cheap but she has not been online in years so is it even a good idea,

the website I found it on also is a bit sketchy it says royalty-free but has a lot of Disney and other stuff which I know is not royalty free


what’s website name?

its this one. also I just looked at it again I can not find any place where its says royalty free. so I thing this website is just a site sharing art, which is not ilegal but its very mean to do because it dosent give credit to the artist anyone can just take art and share it.

I love this website
It’s royalty free

realy cause it got a lot of disney stuff. that is not royalty free

What do you use for search word?
I don’t see any disney stuff

okay this are not disney but thet are also not royalty free

Then don’t say it’s disney’s :wink:

Okay some of these yes are not royalty free
But I don’t really care tho cause like 99 % of that site stuff is royalty free

okay I can see I have used the wrong word I meant Public domain. not royalty-free. funny enough I can’t see anywhere it says in the rules that we cant use it any of this stuff. we just can’t use name brans and celebrity stuff

but no matter what that website is still stealing art

Most of webiste stuff is public domain so…

so if I took your profil picture and posted in there would you be alright with that?

@line123462 @Miss.Barbie

It might not say it in the guidelines, however I looked through that site out of curiosity and I personally wouldn’t trust using any of it. All it takes is to use one thing that isn’t supposed to be for commercial use (so shouldn’t be on that site) and then the original creator has a case for a lawsuit (against you NOT Episode) :grimacing: Always be super careful and if there is any doubt and you can’t find somewhere that specifically says free for commercial use it’s probably best not to risk it.

The fact it has Barbie and Tom & Jerry stuff e.t.c sets alarm bells off.

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