Royalty free backrounds help


Hey, does anyone know where I could get royalty free backrounds or covers…?


I can make your backgrounds if you’d like!

If you’d like to see my examples click Here :wink: to see my examples! And if you don’t care for them I recommend @abygail.bauman, @teahwalker, @QueenMilii, or @lanafrazer_episode! For a background!

For covers I recommend @Teahwalker, @kennedy11’s Episode Frost, And @Epy.raven seams to know a lot of people!

Sorry for all the tags :joy:


lol. Royalty royalty royalty


What kind of royalty background?


From those royalty free apps the one where you get wallpapers for you phone from


I was wondering if i got one from there if it would be copyright or ok


Thank you, its a couple of floral backrounds and one for the phone with a quote please


Royalty free apps? Like games apps?


Not games but photos


Alright, I haven’t heard of “Royalty Free” before but what TYPE of royalty background are you looking for?

Throne room, princess room, prince room, etc.


Ohhh i seewhat you me not actually royalty but where i don’t pay for copyright


i don’t know. :woman_shrugging:


Can I use Pixabay?


of course!


Thank you babes! :heart:


Here are my examples in case no one has the job :smile:


I can make your covers😁 Just go to the arts crew


Thank you everyone for your help.


Hello, I think you mean commercially free backgrounds, because royalty free actually means you can use it once you’ve paid a license fee (or something like that) once, and you can use those backgrounds from that person.
So, I would advise you NOT to search it up, because it will not be approved, and episode is very picky about this. Also, even if your background went through, if your image was caught, you’d be in a lot of trouble. Believe me, i figured out the problem when i searched up the definition a few weeks ago, and I had to delete a lot of my backgrounds.


oh ok, so I can use Pixabay photos?