Royalty Free sites

Hey guys, I know how hard it is to find images to use for your story that is royalty-free, and some of you don’t know the right sites to look at. sooo I made a list of all the royalty-free sites that you can use!!

Royalty-Free Sites

if there’s anything I need to fix, please lmk :blob_hearts:


Hey @_Mia2
it isn’t free thou and you cant download or screenshot the picture without their symbol which is not a[[roved by the episode reviewers !!!

With love,

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I dont trust this website. it has a lot of copyrighted stuff, it says the overlays are shared by the community, in plane English it means, people just uploaded stuff from where they find it.

a few exampels



thank you for the information!!!

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thank you!! i haven’t used the website, i’ve seen it on another place that recommends it, thank you for the information

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