RP Mentorship Program


These are only a few of the things that some members of our community mention when they talk about RPing in the forums, and as a somewhat old RPer I know most of us have thought something similar every now and then. That is the reason I’m bringing to you the RP Mentor Program. A partner program for both old and new RPers who want to improve their skills or have questions to ask. So, as @Lady-Mehek mentioned here:

How is it going to work?
There will be a few mentors, experienced people from our community, who will be open to either answer someone’s questions or to “adopt” someone who wants to learn the most from them as a protegee.

Mentors will be suggested by the community to reassure everyone that they are indeed great role models and can be amazing helpers to anyone who has any kind of doubt. After a mentor is suggested I will PM the person to check their disponibility and willingness to be a part of the program. If they agree to be a part of it I will add them to a doc, along with the skills they are willing to help others on and the nature of the questions they will reply.
Once a mentor has confirmed their participation on the program, they will be open to either:

  1. Adopting members that need or want mentorship: These mentors will “adopt” as many members as they feel like, and they will supervise over their protegees to make sure they aren’t breaking any rule, and they will communicate with them at least weekly to give them feedback on how to improve as a roleplayer and as a member of the community.

  2. Open some sort of “askbox” for people to ask them questions about the topics they stated before

Requirements to become a mentor:
Being recommended by other member of the community: while I trust a lot of you have a somewhat objective perspective of yourselves, I believe that what a good roleplayer is is dictated by the community. Therefore, it is the community who has to recommend you.
Have the time to dedicate to your protegees and those who ask you questions: this program requires dedication and patience, and it would damage both the mentor and the protegee if the former does not have enough time.
Having been a member of the community for over six months: you must have a certain time around the community to know it properly, the rules we play by, and how to improve as a roleplayer.
Demonstrate you have a critical eye: you are supposed to help others improve, and that is not possible if you cannot recognise what they have to improve at. In addition, you have to know where your flaws lay, and make sure that your protegee doesn’t fall in the same flaws.
Mentors CANNOT, under any circumstances, treat any of their protegees poorly. They are only supposed to guide others and to teach them. The moment a Mentor is disrespectful to their protegee, please inform me, they will be given a strike. After two strikes they will no longer be allowed to be part of the mentorships.

Can a mentor be also a protegee? What if they’re awesome at one skill, but want to improve on something at the same time?
If they are a mentor already and they request a mentorship, they can be both. However, if they’re new or suggested by someone else to become a protegee they can only be a protegee.

Those who seek mentorship by any of them have the option to either submit a question to the ones open to that, or to take up a mentor to guide them. Anyone can seek mentorship, no matter how long they’ve been in the community. However, it is recommended to every new or relatively member to become a protegee in this program so they can familiarise with the forums, and a mentor will PM a new member soon after they first join the community to inform them about it.

Now, to tackle the issues that some people may have with other RPers, a form will be open for forumers to suggest people for Mentors to take under this wing. However, not all people suggested to be taken under this program will be taken. After getting a submission, the team of mentors will discuss whether that person really needs it or not, and they will decide if they will be given a mentor and who it will be.

So, without further delay

Here is the form to suggest a mentor

The forms to request a mentor or to ask a question, and the one to nominate someone to become a protegee will be added soon.

Still under construction
Get to know the mentors
FAQ [link to be added]

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Cleaning Up the Story Games and Roleplaying Subforum

Such a great idea! :heart:


just know, who ever nominated me, I am a really crappy mentor but I am going to try it out anyway lmao


I think this is a really good idea!


I love this idea and I’m so glad it’s happening! I think this could be beneficial to a lot of RP’ers in the community hoping to improve their skills :smiley:


I love this idea! :smile:


I am proud to announce that the first mentors are settled and the team is now working to organise everything before we begin the program. Soon I’ll share with you guys a slides presentation with all the mentors, thanks to all of you for your nominations, they were really useful.



The program has not been forgotten, I can assure you that the mentors are working on it. We still have some work to do before we can open the program, but here is the first look at the mentor board. I hope you guys appreciate and respect all of the mentors, we have all worked a lot for this and they are all amazing members of the community.

The Roleplay and Story Game Chat

Can I join?


The applications to become a protegee are yet to be released, the mentor team still has somethings to work out before we’re ready to take protegees.
And to be a mentor you have to be suggested by someone else, and then evaluated by the current mentors.


Oh, I meant a protegee


Oh alright, I’ll notify you as soon as the team is ready to take in protegees, I’m glad you are interested in the program ^-^




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I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS :heart_eyes:


Bump and . . .

I am rejoining the Mentors!

I had left previously, because I did not feel that I could teach people to RP / SG / IDK prob because I lack uhhh professionalism? (effort? Strength in writing?) but I am pretty good at making a wide range of characters (from anger management to crazy to emotional to flirty.) I also know how to make role plays and plot twists (apparently). I can also probably somehow teach how to handle more than two characters (WHAT?!) I can also teach how to approach someone, and keep a conversation going.

I’m also down to take on Protegees like asap, but we mentors have got to do a few things first :kissing_cat:


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Also, @ChayChay I know you’re new to rping/unsure of you’re doing the best you can, so would you be interested in this?? :>


@jassie12dw to and @Clarkiiie you guys are pretty new to everything and I think this would be good for y’all!