RP: Nobel's school for Ingenious Teens (sign ups)


CONGRATULATIONS!! You have been invited to Nobel’s school for Ingenious Teens. Yes, that 3 story building that sits in the corner of the town. From the outside, it may appear very out-dated and shabby because of its old age.
But no one knew the interior- EXCEPT for the students in it. And now, you were going to be one of those students. And you may find that the interior of this old building isn’t what you expect…

Welcome to Nobel’s School for Ingenious Teens! In short… School for spies.

Nobel’s school accepts exceptionally gifted Teens. Gifted doesn’t necessarily mean Academically Smart. Gifted students tend to be:

  • Alert
  • abstract, complex, logical, and insightful thinking
  • Idealistic
  • inquisitive
  • quick learner
  • curious,
  • Very creative thinker

The motto: Nihil Sed Optimus. Translated from Latin into English, it is ‘Nothing but the best’
Feel nervous yet?

In ‘Spy school’ you’ll learn the ropes to be a spy, go on missions, make drama, mingle with your fellow peers, Make friends and enemies, etc.

But one thing! No one must know what this school really is. No one! Not even your family. Not even your friends out of this school.

Again, welcome to Nobel’s school for Ingenious Teens and good luck!!


  • Swearing is allowed but please blur
  • If you are going to be inactive, please pm me


Hey, just saying, there is another RP with a very similar plot line going just about to start. I would suggest joining a few RPs and getting acquainted with the community before creating any RPs of your own. And when you do have an idea, you can post it on the RP/SG idea thread, to see what others think of it before creating sign ups. Anyways, welcome to the community!

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Thanks, I have another account on the forums. I had to make a new one account because someone hacked into my old one. So yeah, i am acquainted to episode and the forums.
And also, i actually wrote the plot and all that about 2 weeks ago. Lol, just haven’t been able to share it with everyone.
Thanks anyway. :grinning:


Hi just wanted to check, is this signup still open?


no, sorry.


Oh that’s okay