Rp Question for u ppl :)


If I made a rp who would join and be active :slight_smile:


What would it be about?


I’m trying to think ideas and I also need help


I would suggest you joining a few RPs before making one so you can get used to the dynamics we have on here
Also, the RP mentor team is open for questions ^-^


whats an Rp…idk if thats a stupid question


An RP is a role play, it’s kind of a story you write along with other players. The owner of the RP gives you the basic plot, and you make your characters to go through that story while interacting with other characters (sorry, I’m terrible at explaining=.

You can check out this GUIDE: How To RP/SG


Oh okay, Thanks!


I’m always happy to help ^-^


Oh where is it? :grin:


I’m willing to join. I’m usually super active since I’m an introvert…




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