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This is me playing an extravagant game of Dolls.
The setting is Fantasy.
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The kingdom is perched on war, magic is strained and the lands are dying slowly. Everything is going wrong, and there’s no easy way to fix it. With political unrest also making the king uneasy, how will everything end? What adventures will happen? What Heroes will emerge, and will they rise in time to save everything? Or will the Villains reign supreme?

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Kathryne Altristaer

Hostenwyrd Castle || With Jonas Allucarthy, Queen Annalise, Amelia, Norallia

The sword clashes with an ear-piercing clatter against Allucarthy’s battered shield. The old man grunted with the effort, deflecting it easily and using the shield to bash back. Kath groaned as she took the blow right to the side, winded momentarily, and holding her bruised side.
Jonas shook his head. “You can’t just run forward like that. I’ve got a shield, you ninny, you need to move round me.”
“I’m trying, you’re moving too fast for me!” Kath whined, breathing in deeply and grimacing as she straightened up. Her body ached, she stank of sweat, and her training clothes were sticking to her body like glue. “We’ve been at this for an hour, can’t you…”
“Do you want me to train you?” He asked, interrupting her.
“Good. Shut up, and move faster then.”
Kath rolled her eyes, but did as was asked, and tried to parry to get at his side. For a man in his fifties, he was a quick bugger, but she was learning - slowly - to pick up the pace. She’d been swinging a proper steel blade for well over three years now. Her muscles were becoming accustomed to the weight, and the padding and straps were helping her adjust to the weight of armour too. That’s what was slowing her down. That’s also what was making her sweat so much, but in the training hall that kind of thing didn’t matter. The room often stank of sweat and steel, of bad breath, polish and oil. It wasn’t a clean and tidy place, but it didn’t need to be. Kath ducked, and Jonas let out a shout as the blade caught his side. She stopped before it cut too deep, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t left a scar. Gods knew how many he’d left on her, but that was half the process. Kath wasn’t in line to be queen, and she wasn’t seen as a delicate princess. Because of all that, it didn’t matter that she looked rugged. She spat blood from the last time he’d hit her right in the chin with the shield.
Jonas grinned proudly at the new cut. “Good, you’re learning.”
Kath breathed, and smirked. “Good, you’re teaching.”
The two of them laughed, but the moment was interrupted as a familiar voice echoed across the hall. Jonas bowed, and Kath turned. Queen Annalise watched her cooly from the doors, her dress flowing softly, and her back poised like always. She regarded her husband’s daughter with a look of curiosity, and Kath gave her queen a half-assed bow.
Jonas thwacked her on the back of the head. “Show some manners, lass.”
Kath grumbled reluctantly, and curtseyed properly.

Queen Annalise chuckled at the display, and shook her head. “There is no need for that, I was only here to request Kathryne’s aid.” She turned to smile at Kath, but the smile still had that same distance as always. “I don’t suppose you could help me get your sisters ready? I’m afraid the maids are awfully busy with their work in preparation for the Knights Masquerade tonight, and you know how they are.”
Kath snorted. “I’m guessing the twins are arguing again?”
Queen Annalise gave a tired sigh, smiling. “You know how they are.”
Nodding, Kath passed her sword to her teacher, and Jonas bowed to them both. “Try not to have too much fun, and remember to shower this time. Can’t have you running around stinkin’ the house out.”
She scoffed. “Yeah, yeah, it’s a good think I’m not going too. Who else is going to read those dusty old books you keep writing.”
“Hey, man’s gotta have a hobby.”
She laughed. “Well, better take up knitting as well then.” She ducked another hit, removing her padding as she left the hall. Queen Annalise said nothing, walking beside her, and Kath could smell the light lavender perfume from her few paces away. “You know, you are allowed to attend the masked ball tonight, there’s nothing saying you can’t attend.”
Kath glanced at her step mother. They’d never hated each other, but Kath couldn’t say they were close friend either. She couldn’t say what they were, actually. It was as if they had a mutual understanding of the other’s existence, and chose just to leave it at that. She shrugged.
“I know.”
“Do you not enjoy such attendances?” Annalise asked, only mildly curious.
“Personally, I don’t think they’re for me.” Kath undid the buckle on her padded leather tunic, heaving the hefty thing off her and breathing heavily as the pressure on her chest alleviated. “I just can’t say I fit in well with those people. Too… well, judgmental.”
“You are an illegitimate daughter.”
“Yeah, I’m a scruff of one too, but that doesn’t mean they gotta judge me like they do.”
Queen Annalise sighed through her nose, glancing out a crystalline window and folding her hands perfectly behind her back. “I suppose we really can’t help that.”
Kath watched her step mother carefully, then finished yanking off her vambrace. “No, suppose we can’t.”

As they reached the twins room, Kath heard the usual sound of a piano melody floating through the painted white doors, and saw Annalise smile proudly from beside her. She opened the door, and stepped through quietly.
Amelia Lunari Altristaer was a prodigy of the piano, to say the least. Her fingers danced over the ivory keys of the pianoforte, and as the music echoed through the sweetly decorated room, Kath felt herself relax slowly. Ammi didn’t smile, she focused completely, moving as she played like she was dancing with the music, and her brown dress rustled as she did. Beside her, her identical twin waited in identical pink, her hands clasping a white and gold violin. Norallia Katlyn scowled, huffed, and stomped her foot. “You’re rushing again! I can’t keep the tempo when you’re always rushing!”
Ammi threw up her hands and stood up. “You wanted me to play this stupid song! I wanted to play a faster duet, what about Bach, can’t we play one of his for once?”
“You know I can’t keep up with that. Besides, I like this song, and it’s my turn to pick.”
“You picked yesterday!”

Kath chuckled. “Okay, calm down you too, I think that’s enough practice for today.” She walked over, and both Ammi and Nora shot scowls at her. “We haven’t finished a single song!”
“What will we play for the Masquerade?”
Kath shrugged. “Who said you two will be playing. We can’t have you both bickering the whole time.” She sighed, looking over to where the twins handmaids were boredly playing chess, until they noticed the queen and jumped up as if hotcoals had been placed under them. Kath pointed to Ammi’s bed. “Now, if I’m correct, you two need to get dressed. Nora, why don’t you go with your mother and…”
“I’m going.” Nora muttered, tuning her Violin as she went.
Kath waited for the door to shut before turning to her youngest half sister. Ammi ran her hand across the polished keys. She’d played them until they were worn, and Kath could see where some had been replaced. “So, are you gonna get dressed?”
“It’s unfair, Kath!” Ammi snapped, pouting. “Nora always gets everything, you can see Mum likes her more, and I can’t do this or that, and I’m not the pretty one…”
Kath laughed. “Ammi, you’re identical, appearance has nothing to do with it…” She sad down on the velvet bench, next to her, stroked the keys. “And if your mother hates anyone, it’s me.”
Ammi sighed. “That’s not true. If she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t talk to you, like she refuses to talk to Lady Vanesse because she’s a two toed whore.”
Kath let out a laugh, and ruffled her sister’s hair. “You’ve been hanging around Jonas again.”
“He’s funny, and tells good stories.”
Kath smiled, reminiscing. “Yes… he really does.”

After a few moments, she placed a hand on Ammi’s back, grinning. “Do you remember our duet?”
Ammi giggled, nodding. Tapping out the tempo, she started playing, and together they joined in in the bouncy duet. It took Kath a few attempts. She’d never been much of a master at piano, and her hands were rough and not nearly as delicate, so they had to stop a few times as Kath screwed up. They’d laugh it off, try again, and after a while both of them were red faced from laughing, and the song was only half done. Kath hugged her little sister, and they almost fell off the stool they were giggling so much. “Okay! Okay… come on, you need to get ready, and I need to find your other sisters.”
Ammi sighed, moaning as she got up. “aww, why can’t you come tonight? You are technically a princess.”
Kath gave her sister a sympathetic look. “I know, Rascal, but you know how that lot get. Besides, I’ve got stuff to do.”
“Like what?”
“Never you mind what, now come on. Get dressed!
Pushing her little sister towards the maid, Kath smiled and the maid uttered her thanks. “Princess Megara and Princess Evangeline are in the stables, Highness.” She curtseyed, leading Ammi away.
Kath nodded. “Thank you claire.”
Letting herself out, Kath paused in the doorway. Ammi was already picking out a dress. “it has to be brown! A nice light coco brown, to match with my hair…” but Kath smiled. She didn’t know why, what it was, or what the strange feeling was, but she felt something in the air. A strange sense of dread. She shook it off, leaving the room, just as Ammi picked out a dark ribbon for her hair.


Sebastian Carther

Hostenwyrd Castle Stables || With Ryan, Logan, Evangeline, Megara and Kathryne

Sebastian slammed the saddle down on the rickety old table with enough force to make it rock, and made the two teens almost jump out of their skin as they stopped making out to see who was there. Princess Evangeline covered her mouth in shock, and Ryan brushed his hair back awkwardly as he recognised the Captain.
“Heck, Seb, you scared the living shit out of me!” Evangeline snapped, stomping a foot. “Why didn’t you say anything?!”
Sebastian shrugged, fixing the tack and making sure it was well kept like always. When he gave no further response, Eva just huffed and smoothed down her hair. “Well, you can at least promise not to say anything to my parents.”
Sebastian didn’t look up from his work. “As you wish, your highness.”
She scoffed. “Stiff.” turning back to Ryan, she gave him one last peck on the lips before leaving curtly, fixing her shirt which had become ruffled and half unbuttoned somewhat after their little session. Sebastian said nothing, pulling off a leadrope and tossing it over his shoulder, before passing the dazed stable hand a grooming box.
Ryan rolled his eyes. “You know it’s worse when you don’t talk after something like that.”
“How so, the princess told me not to speak.”
“To her parents. I’m the one that kissed her, so obviously you can…”
He shot the boy a stern look, and Ryan fixed his words. “I mean, technically she came onto me. Because I know how much trouble this will get us into, and you’ve already lectured me twice on…”
Sebastian put a hand over Ryan’s mouth, and seconds later Logan strode in, head down and face distant. Sebastian removed his hand, acting as casual and nonchalant as ever, and Ryan had to admire the man’s ability to practically predict the future. Logan was holding something, papers, and didn’t look up as he shoved the stable boy out of the tack room. “don’t stand around, you idiot, make yourself useful.”
Ryan closed his mouth, and glanced at Sebastian, a question in his eye. ‘He didn’t hear us, did he?’, which sebastian gave no reply.
Logan finally looked up, and when Ryan hadn’t moved it took him one short scowl before the boy was running out, groom kit in hand. He rolled his eyes. “Why do we keep that kid here?”
Sebastian shrugged, hanging the saddle on it’s rack. He’d been riding earlier, but he’d just finished polishing his own tack like always, never trusting hands like Ryan to do it properly. “I didn’t hire him.”
“No, neither did I, but still the King insists we keep him. I don’t suppose there’s a reason for that?”
“If there is, i wouldn’t deign to know it.” Sebastian knew this game. Logan was looking for information. He suspected something, and actually with how careless the two forbidden lovers were being, he was surprised Logan hadn’t caught onto it. Unless he was asking for other reasons, but even then, whatever he wanted to know Sebastian didn’t trust him enough to let him know. “What’s the list?”
“Guests horses. Stable will be full, so I’ve gotta find new accommodation for the beasts.” he sniffed, tucking the paper away in his pocket, and eying Sebastian. A hint of jealousy could be seen in his gaze. “What about you, not busy I see…”
“I did the work a week ago, now I’m just keeping things in check.”
Logan clicked his tongue, and Sebastian couldn’t decide whether that was a sign or respect or a mock at how over-prepared he tended to be. “Ya know, the lads and I are having a drink down at the pub later, you’re always more then welcome to join.” He had that glint of mischief in his tone, another sign Sebastian was all too aware of.
“I’m not getting drunk with you, nor am I watching you tease the local girls.”
Logan smirked. “Who said anything about teasing?”
Sebastian shook his head, leaving the room, and leaving Logan to his work. He stepped out to meet the other princess as she returned from her usual afternoon ride. Princess Meg grinned wildly, her face determined as usual, and she swung easily off her Bay stallion. “I think that’s a record on the race track, Bassy!” she giggled giddily, passing the reins to him and removing her hat. “Any faster, and we’ll break sound!”
“I count on it, your highness.” He passed her the leadrope, and she clipped it on.
“You should join me, they always say you’re the best rider.”
“I’m flattered, but I doubt I could compete…”

“No, he’s far too busy fixing his uniform and checking his shoelaces are perfectly double knotted.”
Meg looked over, eyebrows raising as she saw her sister approach with a wide sarcastic smile. “Kath?! Is it time already?”
“You know it. Don’t suppose you know where Eva is?”
Sebastian nodded his head to the stable. “Fixing her make-up before someone notices.”
Kath rolled her eyes, and pressed her fingers to her forehead. “Don’t tell me it happened again.”
“What happened?” Meg asked, frowning as she removed her riding gloves. Kath waved her off dismissively.
“Don’t worry about it, just go get your sister and make sure you’re both ready in time. Guests will be arriving soon enough.”
Meg harrumphed, but didn’t argue, she knew in this case she wouldn’t win on the matter, and she was clever enough to know that if she didn’t hurry up she would be late. She also knew how angry their father got when they were ever late. Turning on her heel, she lead her horse away, grumbling and whining as she went. Kath sighed. “Did anyone see?”
“Only me, as far as I’m aware.”
She nodded, and gave him a small smile. “Thanks again Seb, seriously, you’d think she’d learn.”
Sebastian only nodded politely.

“So, will you be joining me and the others at the pub later? I promised everyone a round of drinks on me.”
Sebastian shook his head. “I should remain here, by the king’s side.”
Kath nodded, a little taken aback. “Oh, yes, right. Of course. Completely forgot about that.” She chuckled, and Sebastian gave a small reassuring smile to ease her nervousness. Finally she patted her legs, rocked on her feet, and held a breath. “Well…” She let the breath out. “I Guess I better be off then. Try not to over-work yourself!”
Sebastian bowed his head, and gestured in thanks and acknowledgement. Kath nodded, and started walking away. Just before she was out of reach, he heard her muttering insults at herself. He chuckled mildly, and turned back to the castle. Now… what’s next.


Lady Tora Vanesse

Hostenwyrd Castle Royal Wing || With Christopher, Cynthia, Queen Annalise, Norallia

Tora ran her fingers over the fine crystals and jewels that had been laid out on fine velvet cushions, all for Princess Cynthia to pick from at her will. She placed a hand to the simple glass necklace draped around her neck, so simple and dull, and a hand-me-down from the queen no less. She almost choked on how ridiculously cruel this never ending joke was. To parade their wealth, their resources, their life, right in front of her like a caged dog and a bone.
“Lady Vanesse.” the maid snapped, and Tora turned fluently, her simple cream skirts swirling with her. She blinked at the stout woman, scowling at how her cheeks and skin sagged, and how her fat waist bulged over the beltline of her dress. “Lady Vanesse, her royal highness has requested the sapphire diadem, if you’d please…”
Tora watched the sad looking woman silently, pursed her lips at how disgusted she was by her, before turning to the beautiful blonde princess with a plastic smile. “Of course, my greatest apologies, your grace.” She picked up the pillow with the delicate jeweled tiara and walked smoothly across to Cynthia’s side. The hairstylist took the crown in gloved hands, began to fix her golden hair around it, and all the while Tora watched coldly. Watched how the bright evening sunlight caught the rare gems, making them sparkle like small blue fires. She felt that fire reverberate in her chest, like a hole that tore through her, and her lip quivered in a snarl.
“Lady Vanesse, my sash, if you’d please.”
Princess Cynthia spoke the same was as all the high royals. Soft, sweet, powerful but reserved. She spoke like her mother did. Tora bowed her head, finding the sash and bringing it across, helping to pin it to the Crown Princess’ fine sapphire dress.
When the doors opened, Tora flinched. Queen Annalise strode in, her own Ladies in waiting trotting along behind, and when she beheld her daughter a warm smile stretched across her aged face. “You look beautiful, Dove.”
“Will the Neighbouring kingdoms be attending tonight?”
“I don’t doubt it my dear, your father has high expectations for this masquerade, he was almost tempted to invite your sister from the frontlines.”
“Why didn’t he?”
“He thought it best to keep up appearances.”
Tora clenched her fist so much her knuckles went white. The frontlines were where her families men faught for another king, against their will, while she stood there serving some lousey princess. The queen noticed her frustrations.
“You are dismissed, Lady Vanesse. Perhaps you, too, should prepare for the evening’s attendances.”
Tora curtseyed, perfectly, and saw herself out. She was followed by a maid, as was always the way, and outside her personal guard was waiting. He smirked as he saw her, standing up from his casual lean against the frame. “Done for the day?”
Tora lifted her chin, and looked at him with distain. “You may escourt me to my rooms.”
“Oh? Nowhere else today.”
Tora shrugged, feigning innocence, and smiled coldly. “Why, Christopher, whatever do you mean?”

The maid behind her cleared her throat impertinently, and Tora scoffed. Walking away from the royal chambers, she made her way through the palace and did her best to look down on everyone. They all looked down on her, what difference did it make. When she came to the grand hall, which was already being polished and prepped for the evenings celebrations, she noticed some of the staff muttering to themselves. She watched, curiously, as they went about their work. Their hands nimble but their chores almost laughable in simplicity, a monkey could have done them. We pay them far too much. Tora though, before correcting herself. there was no ‘We’ in this scenario. She was not family. She was a prisoner with leniencies, nothing more.
Princess Norallia came running over, pretty pink dress rustling as she moved and a big beaming smile on her pretty pink face. “Tora! You’re here! Are you done with my sister? Are you coming to the masquerade? Oh, please tell me you’re going! Ami and I are playing concerto, you could sing! Please tell me you’ll sing.”
Tora analysed the young princess cooly, smiling if only to keep up appearances. “Too many questions, your highness.”
Nora laughed. “Oops, sorry! You are going tonight, though, aren’t you? I want to see you dance again, I love to see you dance.”
Tora nodded. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, your highness. I will be attending your sister, though, so no dancing unless she allows it-…”
“Oh, she will! She must! I’ll make her!” Nora grinned, and bounced on the balls of her feet, her red-gold curls springing as she jumped. “You should wear lavender! my gouverness told me, lavender is what all the best ladies wear. It’s relaxing, so you can lul people into false senses of security.” She giggled, and that made Tora giggle in spite of herself.
“Why-ever would your governess tell you that? If you want to trick people, you use Hazelrose Seeds.” She said with a wink.
Nora clapped her hands, and turned to her maids. “We must get some! Quick! From the market!”
“But, your highness, the masquerade…”
Tora scowled at the maid. “Your princess gave you an order. If I were her, you’d be locked up for speaking back.”
The maid tensed, looking at Tora with distain, but Nora just grinned. “You’re always so strong, Tora. Someday, I hope I can grow up to be like you.” She scurried off, down the hall, and Tora felt her heart warm for a moment as she watched her go. Her maid, however, scowled at her.
“You’ll spoil her if you make her think she can talk like that.”
Tora snarled. “If she gets spoiled, it will be her own families fault. Now beat it, before I have my guard beat you for your rudeness.”
The maid was at a loss for words, gave Christopher a wary look, then hurried after her princess. Tora glanced to the old maid following her. “Anything to add, shrew?”
The old maid’s lips thinned, but she said nothing. Tora nodded. “That’s what I thought.”